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Buy the vending machine need to pay attention to? The six major problems not suddenly

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
China has a old saying, 'to do a good job, must first sharpen his', things to do, must have said the hand tools, from business, the' device ', ranging, such as rich professional skills, a wide range of human resources, etc. , and select suitable vending machines in retail is crucial. If you lost manufacturers offer, the choice of with the types of products, low price but later maintenance time cost is far greater than the difference, do more harm than good. From xi 'an intelligent technology co. , LTD. Then a good no vending machines should have what essential performance? To science, we don't buy expensive, only to buy! 1, safety performance, although at present national quality has been growing by leaps and bounds, but also can't rule out a lot of accident cause unnecessary loss. Vending machine safety performance: (1) all steel fuselage quality with thick plate can make the more substantial and durable, the guard against theft and prolong service life. (2) toughened glass, toughened glass adopts double window than the general market vending machine more sturdy, insulation explosion-proof. (3) custom surveillance cameras set up GPRS anti-theft alarm system, remote monitoring, monitoring, alarm, propaganda, video functions. 2, aisle configuration parameters according to the demand of selling goods, guarantee the commodity sale process, fault BuKa goods less. S-shaped aisle stacking, selling drinks, snacks aisle commodities with spiral spring, caterpillar aisle or more grid cabinet, can guarantee the aisle BuKa goods shipment. Also can contact custom, according to the demand, aisle configuration parameters. 3, support for multiple payment alipay, WeChat combination of multiple payment and cash to adapt to each stage of ages. Note original paper coin change, automatic cycle change, BuKa chao, double magnetic identification paper money, counterfeit money. 4, temperature control and energy saving compressor, professional refrigeration, low energy consumption and energy saving, low noise, energy saving, virtually save operating costs. 5, support wireless remote management background and convenient management, a payment system on multiple machines, you can always see the vending machine operating data, convenient operation, reduce the operating cost of manpower. 6, late manufacturer technical support after-sales link is related to the vending machine for a long time operation, small manufacturers in most disconnect after-sales support, cannot provide perfect after-sale support. 24 h online customer service, establish a database for the customer, 1 year warranty, life-long maintenance. Comprehensive above can be a qualified vending machines, constantly pursue cost-effective is the way, low despite the feeling of taobao, but often is not the best quality and after-sales service. Now as the customer demand increase, manufacturing process are also rising, the customer can customize the vending machine function, according to their own needs to get rich icing on the cake.
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