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British Newcastle young lady discovered the eyelash vending machine business

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
In the square or village saw some eyelash vending machines, and are young mother buy, what reason to make these mothers so crazy? After giving birth, British new mothers in their social media and baby pictures, Usually within a few hours after production) Sparked a new beauty trends, research shows that many mother before labor investment do manicures, pedicures, blow dry hair, even a tan. Newcastle's beauty entrepreneurs ASHLEY Stevenson, she found that in these prenatal eyelashes beauty rituals delivery, is a big demand for the latest trends. The rise of eyelash shows that business has become false eyelash is very big, but also shows that ASHLEY made the right decision, she chose a field of beauty, only the market over the next five years is expected to reach more than $1. 5 billion. Unable to entertain some customers, at Newcastle and Mr. Gates has launched the vending machine sold with false eyelash glue. Each customer in the vending machine only need to press a button, her eyelashes can sell to 10. 99 pounds, glue can also sell to 6 pounds. These machines in Newcastle's eldon square ( EldonSquare) , the metropolitan center ( Metrocenter) Manchester and 18 kinds of automatic machine for the sale of her eyelashes. Now used to be a false eyelash to attend a fancy dress party and special night essentials, today's false eyelash can wear to work anytime and anywhere, night out, going to the gym or go to the store. In 2020 the eyelash vending machines will be a whirlwind
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