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Box Ma Xian attaches great importance to consumer shopping experience, vending machine industry can learn how to adjust

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
With more attention paid to the nature of people-oriented, now retail trade is more and more attention to consumer's shopping experience, and box Ma Xian born from the start, very pay attention to this aspect, and take measures to improve and perfect constantly. Box Ma Xian born in people-oriented mode now, is close to the inner demand, now is the era of big data, merchants to further understand the needs of the consumers, it is also the core content of new retail, under any scenario, is to be able to push the information they need. Box Ma Xian is pay more attention to the concern for consumers, through technology advances, the online service, to improve a lot of ways. Traditional shopping is need to the entity shop to buy, take a long time and waste energy. The box Ma Xian born can realize delivered within 30 minutes, and can apply for no reason for a refund. Compared with electricity also has a lot of advantages, general electric are come from the large warehouse to deliver goods, if need cold chain logistics cost will be more high, the box there are cold chain stores, is a good store location. Consumers also can use box horse phone little APP, if you are not satisfied, can apply for no reason to refund, it is a very good experience for consumers. And consumers can ask questions and box of the horse can be targeted adjustment, and can improve the forage-livestock system and service rate. For the same is no retail mode vending machine industry, also can learn box Ma Xian way improve consumer experience, like 30 minutes arrived, no reason to refund methods such as to be able to learn, so that can improve the consumer experience, of course, big data, after using can to know of consumers, the variety of goods on targeted adjustment inside the vending machine, to meet the needs of the consumers.
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