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Boost with a small-three muffled money-making areas for beverage vending machines

by:Haloo      2022-01-22
In foreign countries, unmanned vending machines are an important retail channel. There are about 10 million vending machines in the world. There are 4.5 million vending machines in Japan alone, while China’s current inventory is less than 200,000. There is no doubt about the potential of vending machines; Japan, which has the largest number of vending machines, has the most numbers and formats. Although unmanned payment is far inferior to the domestic market, due to the serious aging of the society, the format of unmanned vending machines is flourishing. Food needless to say, cigarettes, movie tickets, lottery tickets and even instant noodles have been fully integrated into Japanese lives; in China, vending machines mostly sell beverages and food, because our country has a large population base and popularity, especially in the first and second tiers. City shopping malls, high-speed railways, airports, subways, as long as the points are selected well, the benefits are still very considerable; but as the industry gets hotter, many good points have been quickly listed. If latecomers still want to have these points , It needs to pay higher price and time cost. Therefore, choosing a new location for vending machines that has not yet been developed is a problem that new operators must seriously consider. Below, Shi Fudong chooses three that have not been specially developed. Potential points noticed: 1. Hospitals. Hospitals are actually not that everyone is not concerned, but that it is too difficult to get in. In the domestic top three hospitals, as long as you can open a supermarket, you can make a profit every year, but you have to open a store in the hospital. In addition to having a strong relationship, it also needs to face various biddings; of course, because the location requirements of the vending machine are small, it will not strongly touch the original ecological interests, so the coefficient of difficulty is much smaller than that of opening a store in a hospital. Of course, Even though it is much smaller, the difficulty is much higher than the average point, but from internal data, it is known that a hospital, such as a lobby, can reach three to five points in other places, and the income is so good, what about the high difficulty; 2. When deploying locations in universities, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the placement environment. Universities and hospitals are relatively closed, but unlike hospitals, students have a wide range of choices. Supermarkets on campus, supermarkets off campus, and takeaways. It is not a good way to affect students' consumption. Purely low prices are not a good way. The arrangement is mainly to take into account the convenience of such a scene, such as the downstairs of the dormitory, the hall of the teaching building, the playground and other places far away from the supermarket that can meet immediate needs. The advantages of vending machines are reflected; 03. Factory factories are very closed, especially large factories far away from the urban area. There are few businesses around them. The supermarkets in the factories are basically opened by relatives or related households of the factory leaders, so as long as Avoid this area, just like the school; put it in an area that is convenient for workers, such as restaurants, factories, dormitories and entertainment facilities, but unlike schools, factory workers’ lives are more pressured than students, so this should be taken into account in pricing and fully understand if necessary. The prices of supermarkets inside and outside the factory should not be higher than them, so that workers are more willing to consume; as analyzed in Title 3, prices in different places are different, and places like hospitals are less sensitive to prices, and prices can be higher than normal. The price is higher, the school, the normal price is fine, and the factory should be slightly lower than the normal price. Of course, it also depends on the actual situation. There is also a very important point. The vending machine has an operation. Management cost, the cost of managing 1 machine and 20 machines at the same time is very different. These require the operator to scientifically arrange the points and make the most reasonable arrangements. Otherwise, one or two machines, no matter how good the point is, plus labor Cost, there will not be much profit.
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