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Big Data Era

by:Haloo      2023-09-12
first proposed“The era of big data is coming from McKinsey, a world-renowned consulting firm. McKinsey said:“Data has penetrated into every industry and business function area today and has become an important factor of production. People's mining and application of massive data heralds the arrival of a new wave of productivity growth and consumer surplus.“Big data has existed for a long time in the fields of physics, biology, environmental ecology and other industries, as well as military, finance, communication and other industries, but it has attracted people's attention because of the development of the Internet and information industry in recent years. Today's society is a rapidly developing society, with advanced technology, information flow, people's communication is getting closer and closer, and life is becoming more and more convenient. Big data is the product of this high-tech era. With the advent of the cloud era, Big data has also attracted more and more attention. Big data is generally used to describe the large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data created by a company that would take too much time and money to download to a relational database for analysis. Big data analysis is often associated with cloud computing because real-time analysis of large data sets requires a framework like MapReduce to distribute work among tens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers. In today's society, the application of big data is showing its advantages more and more, and it occupies more and more fields. E-commerce, O2O, logistics distribution, etc., various fields that use big data for development are assisting enterprises to continuously Develop new businesses and innovate operating models. With the concept of big data, the judgment of consumer behavior, the forecast of product sales, the precise scope of marketing and the replenishment of inventory have been comprehensively improved and optimized. the“Big data refers to such a phenomenon in the Internet industry: Internet companies generate and accumulate user network behavior data in their daily operations. The scale of these data is so large that it cannot be measured in G or T.
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