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Beverage vending machine, beverage vending machine prices Guangdong smart technology new products

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
Summer is approaching and the sales of beverage products have increased significantly. As a vending machine manufacturer, Guangdong Smart Technology has begun to notice the recent increase in demand for beverage vending machines. So which beverage vending machines are currently available in Guangdong? For the specific price of beverage vending machines, here are a few more practical models. 1. Beverage and snack vending machine model: SK-YL-01 As shown in the figure above, SK-YL-01 beverage vending machine can sell bottled, canned, boxed, pre-packaged snacks, fruits and other common convenience foods . In terms of design, the fuselage is forged with all-steel fuselage, which is durable and stylish. It adopts a combination of online payment and cash payment. The banknote device adopts imported original and all-metal keyboard. The compressor is low-consumption and energy-saving, and realizes intelligence. Temperature control. Regarding the price of beverage unmanned vending machines, the basic beverage vending machines can be customized according to customer needs. For details, please consult the customer service hotline. 2. Intelligent dual-cabinet vending machine Model: SK-YL-04, as a new upgraded version of dual-cabinet beverage vending machine, adopts dual-cabinet matching to achieve super-large storage capacity, reduce the number of replenishments by operators, and save labor costs. In terms of functions, it has the functions of ordinary beverage vending machines, air-cooled, frost-free, frequency conversion technology, and continuous constant temperature. 3. The crawler lifting unmanned vending machine adds a crawler lifting function to the function of the ordinary beverage vending machine to realize the sale of more packaging types of goods. The crawler lift can greatly improve the safety of bottled and canned goods and enhance the consumer's buying experience. The fuselage is foamed as a whole, stored coolly, imported accessories, and a variety of safety protections, so that operators can be more assured. To sum up, with the increasing demand from operators, Guangdong Smart Technology continues to innovate and improve the production process in beverage vending machines. In addition, Guangdong provides one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance after-sales service for all the machines shipped out of the factory.
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