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Automatic water vending machine price-vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-03-24
Automatic water vending machine price Conjoined double cabinet, the price required for a single unit, both high cost performance and authoritative performance. According to the patent of the magazine, the very strong cargo lane decoration, the space effect is perfect; it can support the combination of multiple types of cargo lanes and expand the product category. Panoramic space area upgrade level. The price of the automatic water vending machine can be up to 50. The number of product placements can be up to 600. The capacity of the entire equipment is 50% more than that of an unmanned supermarket of the same size, which greatly improves the efficiency and industry. Um; the panoramic products are arranged in the window, and the products are well-understood, which strengthens the psychology of countless selections. The price of food and wine is divided into storage and arrangement, and the price of food and wine is divided into storage arrangement. The golden ratio of 50% wine and 40% food products is arranged, not only to enrich the shopping needs of customers, but also to bring new ideas to the wine unmanned supermarket company. Profit opportunities. Shopping cart, professional skills, living standards, new upgrades, automatic water vending machines, a variety of products can be used at one time, support double cabinets and deliver goods, 24-hour smart phone scan code purchase, balance, AOE control, convenient operation, communication and Internet professional skills Yes, it can automatically connect others, goods, and atmosphere, and improve the living standard experience in all directions. The current keywords are: Scan code vending cabinet Large capacity vending machine system Previous post: Automatic noodle vending machine-vending machine
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