Automatic vending machine-the reason for using mobile phone to pay bills

by:Haloo      2021-03-23
Automatic vending machines have the advantages of paying bills and shopping for things with mobile phones. Franchisees who are in urgent need of equipment with wireless communication advantages and server-side management systems related to the balance of funds pay bills and manufacturers. The wireless communication advantage of the vending machine motherboard. The retail machine needs to have the advantage of mobile phone payment, and the main control board needs to have the advantage of media. After the user pays the merchant according to the scan code, he must make the Internet payment move to adjust the delivery of the automatic vending machine. The motherboard needs to have media advantages. The media of vending machines basically rely on wireless networks (solid lines are costly and difficult). All in all, we recommend the main board of EasyPay mobile payment vending machine to everyone. Automatic vending machine platform management system After the vending machine motherboard has media advantages, it is urgently needed to be equipped with platform specifications to be able to surpass mobile payment. Vending machine merchants control the vending machine in accordance with the background of the platform specification. There are product portfolio business names, costs, and a lot of images. Professional franchisees pay bills and make manufacturers. Basic manufacturers do not have the qualifications for fund balances. Therefore, the manufactured platform system urgently needs to optimize the balance of transaction funds according to the network terminal and the franchisee payment. As a result, it can be concluded from the picture that the transaction funds are made by payment manufacturers such as Yixin and Taobao immediately for the merchant. The current keywords are: Automatic book vending machine Automatic vending machine Sheet metal production workshop 1 Previous post: Automatic vending machine design-the process of using mobile payment
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