Automatic vending machine-application of mobile payment process

by:Haloo      2021-03-23
Vending machines have the common characteristics of mobile payment to buy things, and it is urgent that the instrument has the common characteristics of satellite communication and the payment costs related to the server-side management system to pay the manufacturers. The satellite communication commonality of the main board of the vending machine must have the common characteristics of mobile payment, and the main control board must have the common characteristics of news. After the visitor pays the merchant by scanning the code, he must convert the Internet payment power into an automatic vending machine to sell the goods and pay the goods. The motherboard needs to have news commonality. Almost all news about vending machines use satellite communications (wired cables are expensive and not easy). This is the introduction for children's shoes and recommends easy payment vending machine motherboard for mobile payment. Vending machine cloud payment management system After the vending machine motherboard holds the news commonality, it also needs the cloud payment specification to be worn in order to obtain mobile payment. Vending machine merchants are responsible for the automatic vending machines in accordance with the rules of cloud payment. Including setting the business owner, the required price, graphics, etc. Reasonable agents pay, almost manufacturers do not have enough qualifications to pay for the cost. Therefore, the developed cloud payment system also urgently needs to comply with the payment of business costs through the network terminal, using agents to pay. Therefore, from the introduction in the picture, it can be seen that the business cost is still paid by the phone and Alipay, the manufacturer immediately pays the merchant. The current keywords are: Hand-run vending machine CNC bending machine Vending machine Previous post: The principle of vending machine-the process of operating mobile phone payment
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