Automatic vegetable vending machines stationed in Xiamen residential area, dishes can be traced and inquired

by:Haloo      2021-03-18
Have seen a beverage vending machine, an automatic snack vending machine, have you seen a vending machine? Recently, such fresh machines have appeared in some communities in Xiamen. Residents can buy vegetables from their doorsteps without having to go to supermarkets or markets. Cauliflower, radish, dried bean curd, three-layered meat...just operate on the vending machine screen, and you can buy what you want in less than a minute. In Haicang Haisheng Victoria Community, the novel vending machine has attracted the attention of many residents. The vending machine is divided into three parts, the left is the vegetable area, the right is the meat and seafood area, and the middle is the purchase payment area. There are 30 kinds of products to choose from on the machine. When purchasing, you only need to select 'Buy' on the screen, and then select the product number and payment method. After the payment is completed, you can pick up the product at the pick-up port. The reporter bought a 3.5 yuan bag of tomatoes and got it in less than a minute. The dishes were still iced in my hand. The vending machine sells processed clean vegetables, saving residents the time to wash vegetables. The packaging date and shelf life of each dish are printed on the package, and some are also equipped with ingredients such as chili, garlic, and ginger. Residents can also check the test report of the dishes on the screen. Vending machines are still very popular. At 10 o'clock in the evening, only half of the dishes in the machine are left. The vegetable vending machine was launched by an agricultural technology company, and the dishes sold were all clean vegetables. 'The dishes sold by the machine are only put on the shelves after the pesticide residues have been removed and passed the inspection. The cold chain is delivered to each point throughout the cold chain, and the temperature in the machine is always maintained at 0°C to 10°C.' The after-sales staff introduced the staff every day In the morning, the dishes are changed and monitored in the background. The dishes that are not sold out that day will be recycled by the company to ensure the freshness of the dishes on the market. Since September last year, a batch of automatic vegetable vending machines have been 'tested outAccording to the operator, the number of dishes in the vending machine is not large enough, and the purchase volume is not large enough. At present, the company has put 8 automatic vegetable vending machines in Haicang and 2 on the island. The dishes sold by the machine have two-dimensional codes and barcodes, and the “one item, one code” traceability management is implemented. Consumers can know the production date and place of origin by scanning the two-dimensional code, and trace the entire process from source to terminal. At the same time, the test certificate of each batch of dishes is also publicized on the vending machine. Previously, the lattice cabinet-type vending machines developed and produced by Guangdong Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. have appeared in markets across the country. The emergence of vending machines has well alleviated the problem of food baskets for office workers and citizens in areas lacking food markets. The information is provided by the vending machine manufacturer. Please mark the reprint
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