Automatic unmanned vending machine to create an online celebrity lipstick machine: change the lipstick sales model

by:Haloo      2021-12-02
We can often see many types of unmanned vending machines in shopping malls, such as crane machines, mini KTVs and even massage chairs. These can all be understood as different forms of unmanned vending machines. With the emergence of these unmanned vending machines, Recently, online celebrity lipstick automatic unmanned vending machines have become popular in many shopping malls. The popularity of the lipstick machine unmanned vending machine started from a video released by Douyin users about queuing up to play games to win lipstick. After seeing it, everyone will inevitably be excited, and try their luck in front of the net red lipstick vending machine to win each Genuine counter lipsticks of big brands. After all, you can win hundreds of lipsticks in a round of more than ten yuan, so why not give it a try, what if you win? Under the catalysis of social platforms, the originally tepid lipstick machine has double-clicked to become an online celebrity product. We can start to see that players can choose their favorite lipstick brand and color number on the online red lipstick machine, pay 10 yuan on the mobile phone, and then start playing the game. If you see the game, you can pass the three levels to win the lipstick. In the eyes of most consumers, spending more than ten yuan can play games and entertain, and it is possible to win genuine lipsticks from big brands, which is simply a profit. Although the online celebrity lipstick machine is renovated in terms of theory, it is essentially a lipstick vending machine. Since it is a vending machine, the profitable purpose of the merchant must be behind the value-for-money veil. So how does the online celebrity lipstick machine work? What is Douyin lipstick machine? Lipstick machine is an online celebrity game machine specially designed for young people. The appearance of the machine is bright and eye-catching, and the content is simple and interesting; because lipstick was mainly used as a gift at the beginning of the design, the name of the lipstick machine From this; suitable for video game halls, children's playgrounds, gift houses, shopping malls and other places. The Douyin Red Lipstick Machine uses simple games to increase the attractiveness of authentic lipsticks, and captures people's curiosity and gambling psychology to attract users to consume. Douyin Red Lipstick Machine is a combination of vending machine and lipstick + entertainment, which can be said to combine the advantages of all parties. Lipstick distributors choose lipstick automatic unmanned vending machines, which can not only reduce operating costs, but also help retail terminals extend business hours and liberate human resources. The market advantages and characteristics of Douyin's red lipstick machine. Fashionable and innovative sales model detonates the national unique national market. Currently, it has not been fully developed. High income. Daily income can be seen. Small investment, faster and easier. View at any time. Revenue and sales volume Under the development of unmanned retail, each lipstick machine is not only an offline sales scene, but also a mobile carrier that integrates data, advertising, media, mass marketing and other functions. This new type of retail unmanned vending machine has been verified by the market and is very popular among young people. The customer base is also diverse and has a promising development prospect.
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