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Automatic/self-help/no/vending machine electricity savings tips 24 hours a day

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
In the summer, many operators in choosing a vending machine with fridge, to attract more customers to buy their products. The vending machine with cooling function natural power consumption is quite serious, how to reduce the power consumption? Next, shaw would give the big guy a trick. Want to save electricity in vending machines, have to know this time! Otherwise, your vending machine will consume a large amount of electricity every day. What time is it? Read to know. 1. If storage is not much, items can be placed in the vending machine a larger containing salt water bottles, you can balance the contained temperature difference, thus decrease The Times of startup and shutdown of the compressor and prolong the service life of the compressor. 2. Vending machines condenser are generally below the cabinet put oneself in another's position of the steel plate, so the freezer in a well ventilated place, dust outside the ark to wipe away in time, in order to improve the condenser cooling effect, achieve the goal of improve the effect of cooling and save electricity. Freezer and for storage after long-term use, easy to frost, vending machine bladder need often give freezer defrosting ( Seven days or so) So as to improve the cooling effect. 3. If there is no vending machine of condenser fin, should every other month or so with the brush cleaning time, in order to increase the cooling effect. Vending machine, condenser, improve, freezers, cooling, effect, brushes, compressor, shaw, big guy
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