Automatic knowledge and development of the beverage vending machine condition is introduced

by:Haloo      2020-11-18
In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs, more and more retail enterprises begin to use automatic drink vending machine, and automatic drink vending machine has developed rapidly, but as the change of economic environment, automatic drinks vending machine has also been some impact, so the development of automatic drinks vending machine now how? The following relevant knowledge about 'automatic drinks vending machine and development' is introduced. 【 Automatic drinks vending machine market situation and the related content Speaking of the vending machine, the author first thought is the university dormitory building of drink machines and snack machines. Lights out in the evening to lock the door, the vending machine has become the source of subsistence. Today, we are going to talk about recent momentum very fiercely intelligent vending machine. Before the body, let's to get to know some basic situation about the vending machine: first, most people on the identity of the vending machine is inferior to a store and supermarket; Second, look from whole, vending machine distribution density is low, mainly in the working intensity big, male, or school, 80% of the vending machine is concentrated in the colleges and universities or intensive class manufacturing; Three, each vending factory began to play the 'smart card', started playing 'mobile' brand is not in the minority. So, now says it in the corner does not concern silently stronger vending machine, exactly what mobile card, smart card: mobile three level 1. Mobile payment. Domestic more cattle intelligent vending machine manufacturers have begun to test the waters mobile payments that do not need to change and convenient for the rights of payment. Consumers can scan qr code directly before the payment of the vending machine, also can buy goods on the phone first and then went to the corresponding vending machine. It is understood that due to 5. 0 version of the service, payment, receiving, the rights of the closed loop has been made, the merchant's native APP shunned by service, particularly serious, intelligent vending machine when merchants yourself consider native APP delisting, the pay focus on function, influence is evident. 2. With mobile operators. This is interesting. A growing very rapidly over the past two years the vending machine manufacturer has come up with a working with operators ( There are some other institutions, such as Banks) Talks and is likely to achieve project, with the integral in vending machines in all kinds of goods, the end can only integral part of consumers can exchange goods in shopping machine. 3. ( Still in the planning level) The vending machine is similar to the mailbox. The vending machine is the traditional model of mobile consumers, fixed vending machine. But since mobile payment has been achieved, then delivery goods to your door also should be a reasonable plan, but this has been doing business beyond the scope of 'vending machines'. 【 Automatic drinks vending machine situation analysis of the development of the industry After a period of a vending machine quantity was turned over 15 times in five years, average annual sales growth has exceeded, vending machine monthly yield as the economy and rising living standards and increase gradually. Especially in the past two years, as the growth of the channel sales, many areas enterprises are in the vending machine pipeline laying and construction. Which is the original sales channels gradually saturated, many retail enterprises and vending machines channel is gradually attracted attention, so start power construction in the field of industry. From the point of the present geographical distribution, mainly concentrated in coastal areas, such as Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region, these are the vending machine wide penetration, market development mature areas, nearly half of the market of equipment laid in these areas, and overall supply is rising year by year. For industry development, the vending machine on the one hand, through the intelligent devices are connected to the electricity, save space and manpower costs on the other hand, as the head of the development of the retail industry. Its sales will gradually become a dismal performance in the history of Chinese retail market momentum. With the high-speed growth and unlimited growth potential, the vending machine has received more and more attention to brands. More about 'automatic drinks vending machine market situation and related content' and 'automatic drinks vending machine industry development situation analysis', hope to be able to let you know 'automatic beverage vending machine related knowledge and development'.
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