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At present domestic different types of the vending machine of price

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
At present domestic different types of the vending machine price of in today's society, the pace of life so quick, convenient, 24 hours endlessly, novel, fashion, such as intelligent requirements has become the consumption trend of young consumer groups, unmanned, self-service retail sales model are exalted. Vending machine is in accordance with the requirements, it is not restricted by time and place, save manpower, trading is convenient, is a kind of brand-new commercial retail form, is becoming a retail consumption upgrading of fresh air. Innovation to the development of The Times, of course, the vending machine development up to now, there are many types. From the structure can be divided into many grid aisle, spring aisle, s-shaped aisle, caterpillar aisle, with automatic lifting system, etc. ; From the purpose, have drinks vending machine, fruit vending machine, adult supplies vending machines, snack vending machines, snack vending machine, etc. ; Different businesses of the vending machine, the production cost and function design is different, so the vending machine price also have difference. Below I will introduce classification according to the structure of the aisle vending machine price difference. A aisle, S shape ( Also known as the snake aisle) Vending machine s-shaped aisle is dedicated to selling the beverage aisle of special use researched and developed, it can sell all kinds of bottles, cans of beverages, and aisle width can be adjusted according to the discretion of the beverage, drinks in the goods can be in the tiny layer upon layer, on its own gravity fall, will not result in a card, high space utilization, capacity is larger than other types of aisle, replenishment, simple to throw across the line, reduce the time of the replenishment, long life, and durable; But the aisle structure is complex, high cost, it is not easy to production, general enterprise is unable to production, so this kind of vending machine has a high price, small 10000 or so, the need of large 2 - 30000 yuan, with the screen and no screen also can have differences, such as: large touch screen is more expensive than a small screen machine a lot of money, but later want to consider operation cost, this kind of vending machine long life and low failure rate, and more economical. Two, spring aisle vending machine spring aisle is appeared earlier in the vending machine an aisle, it is the use of the rotation of the spring push out the goods, the aisle structure is simpler, sell also is more, the kinds of drinks and snacks, instant noodles, daily necessities, such as all kinds of small commodities can be sold, the production cost is relatively low, loading of the goods size must be in strict accordance with the size of the pitch and diameter of the spring, when replenishment carefully on the table. The price of the vending machine of this aisle general prices in 3299 - science and technology Between 99. 99 million, depending on the size configuration. Three aisle, caterpillar, vending machine crawler aisle is an extension spring aisle, its limitations is more, for selling at the bottom of the fixed volume, smooth and not easy to pour goods, can be used to sell lunch box, short canned beverages, boxed snacks, etc. ; Replenishment is more troublesome, and spring aisle, requires careful arranging the goods one by one, and delay time. The categories of the vending machine price is in commonly 20000 above, specific vending machine price size configuration. Four, many grid aisle vending machine this vending machine is the cheapest price, ark is combined with a lot of grid, each grid cabinet has a separate door and control mechanism, in each grid cabinet can only put a commodity, but the variety of goods on sale is wide, No packaging, shape is not fixed, size larger, complete package combination, etc all can) , simple structure, low production cost, but there are fewer goods, low space utilization. A separate grid ark price is in commonly - 5 Around 7000, cannot be used alone, with system of grid cabinet can be used alone, the vending machine in the 8 - price Around 9000. General merchandise on five, with automatic elevator machine this with automatic elevator machine is also in the spring/crawler machine aisle topped with a set of automatic elevator system, can sell goods, afraid to fall as glass packaging products, fruits and vegetables, eggs, lunch box, such as the shipment smoothly, vending machine sells goods compared to larger, so this kind of machine the overall size is large, complex structure, high production cost, the vending machine price is in commonly 30000 or so. Different advantages and disadvantages of each aisle of the vending machine in the vending machine price also is different, what's more, there are different brands. Even the same merchant's vending machines, also will have models of classification, so the vending machine price also have difference. Buy machines should be according to the types of goods sold, the machine's location, and own funds can withstand the ability to select the type of the machine.
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