Applicable places and precautions for automatic unmanned vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-12-01
More and more unmanned vending machines (also called unmanned vending machines) are seen in our lives because they are small in size, easy to operate, and only need to be loaded in advance, so they are suitable for many occasions. Automatic unmanned vending machines can bring great convenience to consumers, and their applicable places are as follows: 1. Internet cafes: Internet cafes front desks, Internet cafes checkout counters. 2. School places: university towns, middle schools, training institutions, school canteens. 3. Business reception: auto sales shops, 4S shops, real estate company sales offices, banks, investment promotion offices. 4. Office places: office buildings, foreign-funded enterprises, Taiwan-funded enterprises, large-scale company offices, rest areas. 5. Commercial places: entrances of large shopping malls, pedestrian streets, and commercial streets. 6. Operating places: shops, wedding photo studios, bakery, coffee shops, clubs, leisure centers, hotels, cinemas, fast food, supermarkets, shopping malls, fitness centers, beauty salons, beauty salons, apartments, hotels, bars, KTV, hotels, games room. 7. Public places: libraries, stations, airports, blood donation stations, exhibitions and exhibitions. There are some things to pay attention to in the replenishment of the automatic unmanned vending machine: when the automatic unmanned vending machine is replenishing, it needs to carefully arrange the position according to the specific characteristics of the product, so that the automatic unmanned vending machine can place the most products , It can also improve the shopping experience of consumers and reduce the loss of operators. 1. Products of different sizes should be placed in the cargo lanes of different specifications. If it is not clear what product should be placed in where, we can use a ruler to measure the diameter and pitch of the spring, and then compare the size of the product (this method is suitable There is a fixed package). In fact, the most direct way is to put the goods in the spring cargo lane and experience it. It is suitable if it is not stuck too tight and will not fall out of the gap in the center of the spring. 2. The aerated beverages (that is, carbonated beverages filled with carbon dioxide) should be placed as low as possible on the cargo path of the automatic unmanned vending machine. Otherwise, the beverage may fall and the customer may open the beverage, which will not only increase. The operator's loss also greatly affects the customer's buying experience. 3. Drinks packed in Tetra bricks and cans should be placed on a cargo track with a flat bottom track to reduce the rate of jams. The frictional resistance of goods when traveling in the cargo lane is larger than that of plastic bottles and easy to jam, and the flat-bottom track can effectively reduce the occurrence of jams. 4. The cargo lane of the automatic unmanned vending machine with a flat-bottomed track should be as low as possible for low-flat-bottomed goods. 5. When placing bottled beverages, place the bottle cap down as much as possible, which can effectively solve the embarrassment of standing up after the beverage bottle falls on the ground. 6. When placing goods in automatic unmanned vending machines, the upper end of the goods must not be tilted outward (you can stand or tilt inward), which can effectively reduce the occurrence of jams caused by the top of the product. 7. The same kind of goods should be placed in the same spring cargo lane. It is best to fill the goods each time. If you are not satisfied, you must empty the innermost position. There should be no space at the front end of the spring cargo lane. There is no need for extra labor costs such as salespersons. As long as the goods are filled in accordance with the above loading items, our unmanned receiver can be officially opened!
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