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Apple beverage vending machine appeared at railway station, now soliciting packaging design

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
A few days ago, the Shibuya District Railway Company in Tokyo, Japan is seeking packaging design for an apple drink vending machine. It is reported that the vending machine only sells apple juice at JR Hirosaki Station. Apple drinks vending machines are installed at Aomori Station and Shin-Aomori Station. The product sold is the 'Aomori Apple Series' of the original beverage brand 'acure made'. At JR Hirosaki Station, an Apple Drink vending machine was installed in the lobby of the ticket gate on the second floor and near the elevator on February 26. On the same day, a public call for image designs began. The person in charge said: 'This vending machine has attracted the attention of tourists and local customers. I hope you try it as a test of your love for Apple Drinks.' The 'Apple Drink Vending Machine' installed at Aomori Station is understood. , The packaging design call for Apple beverage vending machines draws the design in the specified format so that you can design the sides and front of the vending machine and send it to the manufacturer as a PDF or jpeg file. The design plan will ultimately depend on the selection of relevant personnel, and then the designer will draw according to the image design. The prize is a set of drinks from the Aomori Apple series every month for 6 months. The above information is shared by the vending machine. Please mark the reprint. Previous post: Tenjin Festival vending machine launched in Osaka, Japan, with intelligent voice function
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