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Anhui hefei vending machine what is the price?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Anhui hefei vending machine what is the price? By 2020, the vending machine price is in 700 yuan - 12000 yuan. Drinks and vending machines, usually with no screen, have cold function, reference price is in 8000 - Around 9000. Drinks with screen vending machine, usually two bin, there is a warehouse can store goods, with screen with cooling. Reference price is in 1000 - Around 12000. Adult products vending machine, general is a main tank and a pair of ark, it is not refrigeration machine, reference price is in 11000 - Around 12000. Small adult products vending machine, are generally grid cabinet, and can be divided into 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. , the price is about 300 to 1000. Small spring vending machine, now there are a lot of things is to sell with small vending machine, such as electronic cigarettes, betel nuts, stationery and so on. The price is in commonly 700 - Around 2000. Note: 1, general cargo types are: aisle, caterpillar aisle, spiral spring snake aisle, many grid cabinet, intelligent lifting table, everyone according to selling the product to choose suitable vending machines. 2, when the general vending machine can't meet your requirements, can be customized software to achieve more more requirements. Different operation mode of the software will have different requirements, realization, price and other issues need to communicate directly with the manufacturers. Different manufacturers, different models, different materials of the vending machine equipment, more or less on the price will be different. Want to understand the vending machine equipment prices, better call advisory equipment manufacturers.
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