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Analyze the vending machine trends and prospects for development in the future

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Vending machines in the sale of products, together with a data collection, analysis ability, A brief is big data) , so can very good grasp of consumer's preference, inclination, for example, the number of 9527 people like to eat spicy dry tofu, often buy instant noodles, and spending time mostly in the middle of the night, the amount of consumption is not high. In this way, can on the basis of analyzing the user to introduce products ( Listen to feel like taobao introduction, right? Yes, is this meaning) 。 Also is to say if imagination open to meet big, we will consider such a problem, if logistics and big data meet the prosperity. We might work, and do not demand, super and vending machines, instead of from the warehouse to the customer or from the factory to the customer more direct method. By that time, the active vending machine is probably will get many logistics company and sorting robots, Mercedes in the streets, busy in communities, the consumer goods directly to the consumer's hands.
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