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Analyze the use of small vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-08
Analysis of the reasons why vending machines cannot be purchased. A vending machine must work normally, except for the machine's own software and hardware, and the server must work normally. There is also a very important thing, which is to connect to the Internet. Nowadays, the mainstream Internet methods are 4G, 2g, Wifi, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is generally used in hotel vending machines. Small vending machines 2g are now commonly used in small vending machines. With the gradual withdrawal of 2g, 2g internet cards are used less and less; the way of wifi internet access is not bad, but not every center has wifi, now it is used The 4g network is the most popular. Some people might say that now that 5g networks are coming out, why not use the latest 5g? I want to say that for vending machines, there is no need to use such noble things. The vending machine manufacturers teach you how to eliminate the problem that unmanned vending machines cannot be purchased. When our vending machines cannot be purchased normally, we must first check the network. Can it be normal? The solution is very simple. Nowadays, vending machines with screens are mostly based on industrial control panels, and the system is similar to our mobile phones.   There is a reader in the background, and we can directly test the Internet through this reader. Another way is that each data card has an independent number. We can use this number to check the usage status of the flow card. This is usually a fixed flow rate every month, for example, 300M. If the flow rate exceeds, it will be automatically deactivated, and there is no way to purchase the vending machine (this customer is This situation).
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