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Analysis we look forward to what is the cause of the ice cream vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Ice cream vending machine because of its convenient and quick, favored by more and more people, also slowly into people's life. Work miss liu said the store, shopping mall on the first floor of placed a sell the ice cream vending machine, the sale in a vending machine for a variety of flavors of ice cream and yogurt liu often at noon downstairs to buy ice cream, ice cream vending machines selling price with the same supermarket, even cheaper, liu said, don't have to go to the supermarket to buy, there are downstairs, very convenient. In addition to the traditional cash payment of payment, and unionpay, WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay pay, pay treasure to scan and so on. Miss liu said, she is very like ice cream vending machine to buy, because of its in the mall, save a lot of time. With online payment, cash transactions, save time and convenient. To use this machine? Operator for our demo work, first choose to buy a cup of yoghurt ice cream, and select paypal payment, via cell phone scan the qr code of the vending machine display in mobile payment, vending machine shows payment is successful, less than 10 seconds, a cup of yoghurt ice cream is attractive in picking up the mouth. Lee said that this way of shopping very fresh, and the main it is 24 hours, summer had come back late at night, it's so convenient. And payment is also very convenient, the price also with the store.
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