Analysis on the position of the business model of vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-13
Analysis of the position of the vending machine business model. In Japan, the United States and other countries, the vending machine industry is an important channel for beverage retail. At present, there are approximately 14.5 million vending machines in the world, of which there are more than 5 million in Japan, 5 million in the United States, and 3.8 million in Europe. Currently, China has only 190,000 vending machines, about one-third of those in Japan and the United States, and there is huge room for growth. Vending machines were developed in Japan, and also in Japan. Japan is the world's largest country with the largest number of vending machines, not only in quantity but also in variety. In Japan, all kinds of goods can be sold on vending machines, and all kinds of food, clothes and games can be bought on vending machines, movie tickets and other tickets. Vending machines have been fully integrated into the lives of ordinary people. The most common vending machine is a fast food beverage machine. The operation site includes subways, high-speed railways, railway stations, airports, etc. There is a lot of traffic in these places, and the income from operating vending machines is also considerable. Some people will say that these venues are entered by bidding. Our company or individual is weak, and there are other better attractions. The answer is yes! In addition to the above venues, schools, factories, hospitals and other places are also good choices. Here we will focus on analyzing the characteristics of these three places. 1. School 'School' School is divided into two situations, middle school and university (the consumption power of elementary school is too low and safety issues should not be considered), let's talk about middle school first. Since many middle schools do not allow students to bring mobile phones, the mobile phone scan code payment module can be omitted when choosing the machine, which can save some costs. Only cash payment and campus card swiping are supported. In the university, everyone has a mobile phone and is accustomed to using WeChat Alipay. Usually, we rarely bring cash. You can save the cash payment module (at least 2,000 yuan in cost), and only support the WeChat Alipay scan code payment function. The better places in the school include the dormitory downstairs, the hall of the teaching building, next to the playground, etc. Students are lazy, and the price is almost preferred to choose the nearby vending machine to buy things, and the vending machine can do it. 24 hours a day, all year round, which is also a big advantage of vending machines. 2. Hospitals Hospitals are also very special places, with a particularly large flow of people, and there are few or no supermarkets inside. It is very suitable to place a vending machine in the lobby. If you can play the advertisements of various departments of the hospital on the vending machine, perhaps the spot fee can be offset. 3. The factory The factory is a special place with strong closedness, and the location is generally relatively biased. There are few shops in the surrounding area. It is not cost-effective to open a supermarket inside the factory, which makes it difficult to meet the consumption needs of workers, and vending machines It can meet their needs. It can be placed at the entrance of the restaurant or the entrance of the workshop or on the side of the road with heavy traffic. The payment method is WeChat Alipay and employee meal card. Finally, let’s talk about the issue of spot fees. There are differences between different places. For example, when bidding is required for subway and high-speed rail, spot fees are very high. In some companies, it is possible to provide free spots to their employees for the convenience of their employees. Even if the fee is charged, the cost is very low. A machine covers an area of u200bu200bonly 1-2 square meters, and it takes up space that is not normally used (such as beside stairs, aisles, roots of walls, etc.), office buildings in commercial buildings The rent is only 1 square meter for the area inside, so the spot fee for the vending machine is relatively low, and the most expenses are electricity and labor. Now all vending machines are smart machines, and they all support smart temperature control, automatic heating and automatic refrigeration, especially the beverage vending machines with S-shaped stacking lanes, which have excellent cooling and heat preservation performance, and the average temperature is 3-4 degrees per day. Electricity. Smart vending machines also support wireless remote management background, you can check the detailed operation data of each vending machine at any time, how many products are sold, how much inventory, how much money is received, whether it is cash or WeChat Alipay at a glance, and you can change it. The price upload activity is very convenient, and the amount of various commodities can be arranged reasonably according to data analysis to maximize profits. With the help of such an intelligent background, an operator can operate more than 10 vending machines at the same time, and the labor cost allocated to each point machine is very low. In fact, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, various interactive experiences and personalized marketing based on big data are emerging in endlessly and colorfully, which greatly stimulates consumers' desire to consume. The location of vending machines is not limited to this, such as large communities. , Tourist attractions, office buildings, etc. Vending machine is different from other things. It is a tool to make money from starting a business. 'If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools.' Choosing the right vending machine is very important. You must choose a reliable quality and complete function. Yes, (for example, I am reliable, don’t swallow money, don’t ship goods, don’t like a good vending machine for goods), just like a taxi or a bus, if it breaks down, it won’t work, but it’s a big ride. It's not cost-effective to run a regular rental, it will take a long time to recover the cost. If you want to learn more about Guangdong vending machines, please feel free to pay attention to the website of Dongguan Trading Co., Ltd. We sincerely look forward to your visit! Previous: What kind of industry is the vending machine? 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