Analysis on the Operating Model of Domestic Vending Machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-03
Position analysis of domestic vending machine business models. The more common vending machines are snack and beverage machines, and the places of operation are subways, high-speed rails, railway stations, airports and other places. These places have a large flow of people, and the income from the operation of vending machines is still very considerable. Schools, factories, hospitals and other places are also good choices. Below we will focus on analyzing the characteristics of these three places. School; School is divided into two situations, middle school and university, let’s talk about middle school first. Since many middle schools do not allow students to bring mobile phones, the mobile phone scan code payment module can be omitted when choosing a machine, which can save some costs. It only supports cash payment and campus card swiping. In the university, everyone has a mobile phone and is used to using WeChat Alipay. Usually, I rarely bring cash. You can save the cash payment module and only support the WeChat Alipay scan code payment function. The better places in the school include the dormitory downstairs, the hall of the teaching building, next to the playground, etc. Students are lazy, and the price is almost preferred to choose the nearby vending machine to buy things, and the vending machine can do it. 24 hours a day, all year round, which is also a big advantage of vending machines. Hospital: The hospital is also a very special place, with a large flow of people, and there are few or no supermarkets inside. It is very suitable to place vending machines in the lobby. If you can play the advertisements of various departments of the hospital on the vending machines, the spot fee may be offset. Factory: The factory is a special place with strong closedness, and the location is generally relatively biased. There are few shops nearby. It is not cost-effective to open a supermarket inside the factory, which makes it difficult to meet the consumption needs of workers. Vending machines are exactly what Able to meet their needs. It is possible to put it at the entrance of the restaurant or the entrance of the workshop or on the roadside with heavy traffic. The payment method is WeChat Alipay and employee meal card. The above content is organized and released by Zhongji, China's most powerful vending machine production base, and China's famous vending machine brand. The above is what the author introduced to you today. I hope it will be helpful to you. More information about vending machines and unmanned vending machines is available in Trading Co., Ltd., so stay tuned. Previous: Catering vending machines will also bring a new round of changes in the fast food industry Next: Prospects for vending machines in the domestic market
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