Analysis on the main source of the huge increase in vending machine channels

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
By 2020, the total number of vending machines nationwide will be close to 1.38 million, an increase of more than 8 times over 2015. According to research on the global retail market, the author found that when the per capita GDP reaches 10,000 US dollars, consumer demand for vending machines will explode. As of 2015, the national coverage area has reached 390 million people, and the development of vending machine channels lags behind the overall retail environment, and the market gap is huge. In the next five years, China's vending machine channel will usher in a spurt of growth and become the main emerging channel for the fast-growing retail industry. The channel of vending machines in China can be traced back to 1994, when Suntory of Japan took the lead in introducing vending machines into China. Two years later, the two major American Coca-Cola companies also participated in the construction of vending machine channels, bringing hundreds of devices to China. At that time, vending machines only supported the sale of low-temperature beverages. Before 2000, vending machines entered the period of exploration and market introduction. The machine failure rate was greatly reduced, and vending machines began to explore new payment methods. After more than ten years of exploration and imitation, the vending machine in 2013 showed explosive development. The independent development and innovation system of vending machines has gradually formed. In 2013, vending machines introduced mobile payment technology. In 2015, vending machines opened the Internet + era. Currently, vending machines cover a wide range of products, and beverages, snacks, personal care products, and fresh fruits can all be sold through vending machines. A vending machine covers an area of u200bu200bonly 1-5 square meters. Compared with retail stores, vending machines require very little manpower and can achieve uninterrupted service around the clock. In 2015, the number of vending machines in the country was about 150,000, which has increased by 15 times in 5 years. In the United States, the ratio of vending machines to convenience stores is 30:1. It is predicted that the scale of convenience stores in China will reach 46,000 in 2020. When the development of vending machines reached the US level, the total number of vending machines nationwide was close to 1.38 million. In the past five years, the sales growth rate of the vending machine channel has exceeded 100%. The monthly average yield of vending machines has gradually increased with the improvement of economy and living standards. It is estimated that by 2020, the monthly sales of vending machines will reach 6,000 yuan, and the annual sales of vending machine channels will be close to 100 billion yuan. In terms of geographical distribution, vending machines are currently mainly concentrated in coastal areas. The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are the regions with the most extensive penetration of vending machines and the most mature market development. About 60% of the equipment is laid in these regions. The number of vending machines in the Bohai Rim area is also gradually increasing. There are many vending machine operators in China, they are scattered, geographically strong, and very different. The editor-in-chief believes that in the next five years, the huge increase in vending machine channels will mainly come from the following five aspects: 1. Expanding varieties and paying attention to health is the trend of the world's vending machine industry. 2. China's intelligent network vending machine and mobile payment technology are ahead of the world. 3. Brand exclusive vending machines have become a new direction in the market. 4. Vending machines will become the brand's new product promotion channel and marketing media. 5. Expand to more regions and places, and vending machines are everywhere. On the one hand, the vending machine channel is connected with electrical goods through smart devices, and on the other hand, it saves space and labor costs, which is the first opportunity for the development of the retail industry. The vending machine channel has gradually become a new growth driver for the downturn in the Chinese retail market. With high-speed performance growth and unlimited growth potential, vending machines are being valued by more and more brands. Only a brand that fully understands the characteristics of the vending machine channel, grasps the development trend of the channel, and keeps an open mind to follow the trend, can use the east wind of the vending machine to help the growth of performance.
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