Analysis on the advantages of vending machines and the best place to put them

by:Haloo      2022-02-19
Speaking of vending machines, compared to everyone’s familiarity, self-service vending machines that are almost ubiquitous in the streets and alleys are very convenient. They can be put in any place for 24 hours, and they can be paid without cash. If the place is better , Not only pays back quickly, but also has high profits. When launching, you should choose some scenic spots, communities, amusement parks and other places with a large flow of people. Let's take a look at it in detail below. 1. What are the advantages of vending machines? 1. It is very convenient in schools. The traditional retail methods are generally supermarkets, commissaries, and newsstands. But they can't fully meet the needs of students, and it is difficult to be open all day. The vending machine can do self-service retail 24 hours a day, all year round. It is not only convenient, but also greatly reduces labor costs. Vending machines can be placed in other places where there is demand but are not suitable for opening stores, such as the library hall of the teaching building, the downstairs of the dormitory, and the playground. The layout of the vending machines is more flexible. 2. Diverse payment methods. In addition to cash, you can also customize student meal cards, WeChat Alipay and mobile phone scan codes to pay. The payment method is more convenient and novel, and students also like to try new things. 3. How about the profit of the vending machine with high profits and quick return? If you just say that it is high, it is certainly not convincing. All the products sold in schools are fast-moving consumer goods (common snacks and beverages), and the profit of a single product is not high. However, the sales volume is large, the sales are fast, and the accumulation of less is accumulated, and the overall profit is still considerable. Second, the best placement point for vending machines 1. With a large flow of people and a closed space, choose a place with a large effective flow of people and a relatively closed place with little competition. Such as schools (teaching building lobby, dormitory downstairs, next to the playground, outside the bath), hospitals (hall), subways, high-speed rail stations, train stations (waiting rooms, ticket halls, etc.), factories. 2. The quality of people flow in places Although there are many people in some places, they are not necessarily suitable for vending machines. Buying a bottle of soy sauce is willing to walk one more street in order to save 50 cents, and there is no advantage to vending machines selling goods. The biggest advantage of the vending machine is that it sells goods by self-service 24 hours a day, all year round. The picture is convenient rather than cheap. 3. Convenient operation When inspecting the location, try to take into account the convenience of installation and replenishment channels. In the case of single-player and single-machine, it is generally considered that the place where it is placed should not be too far away. Convenient when there is a problem in the store or when it needs to be stocked. If multiple units are placed in a certain area, the composition of the surrounding population should be considered. Especially the age group, the age group should be 18-40 years old. The crowd is positioned in the communities of college students and young people, and the areas where business hotels are relatively concentrated. 4. Commodities corresponding to the population 1) Young people are the main consumer group of cosmetics, food and beverages and adult products, and vending machines should be placed at a relatively high level of young people. For example, the Han Magic facial mask vending machine and the university bath have become the best places to put them. 2) In some tourist attractions, parks, zoos, and playgrounds, children like to be helped by adults. The fun of buying things on a vending machine on their own, food and beverages, and children's toys are the objects of their consumption. 3) Semi-closed factories, characteristic town industrial parks, and crowd-creation spaces. Because it is inconvenient to go out and buy, it is a good place for vending machines. 4) Environments that consume a lot of physical strength are also better places (arena, etc.), such as gymnasiums, but pay attention to their income level and corresponding spending power.
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