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Analysis of the vending machine what are the main features

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Especially for vending machines, for the use of on the spot, there is no waiter, often should check whether the leakage, and the reasons, and aimed at problems of maintenance task in time. Freshly squeezed orange juice machine adopts advanced system of the whole fruit extract juice, add zero pollution-free fresh orange produced automatically by the totally enclosed, freshly squeezed out of the bag health and nutrition of fresh orange juice. Without external water sources, while guarantee the orange juice is pure taste, no secondary pollution, environmental health. Visual transparent window, let the customer see juice birth process, drink more at ease. Have air system, water science and technology research and development center, eighteen years dedicated to ultrapure water technology, water system, air technology development and Innovation, in the field of science and technology of water accumulated up to 486 items, including waste water, pure water machine technology, and development and production of the commercial air water, pure water machine without waste water. Spring loaded vending machine production and processing of 36 vending machine mainly operating mode 3 for now, explanation and services, and want to keep the thoughtful service, each consumer the vending machine management pattern mainly has four categories. Two users, cooperation, lease rent machine, self management, be responsible for all business processes. The vending machine vendors would provide services such as installation, provide free maintenance (the end of the lease term Not including artificial damage) 。 This business model segmentation and two classes, one is leasing, business operators pay the rent, don't have to assign the profit and manufacturers. Secondly, the cooperation, operators don't pay the rent, profit distribution and manufacturers.
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