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Analysis of the vending machine is through what way to enter the campus

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
In daily life, we are seldom aware of the importance of something, such as intelligent vending machine. It's like a nobody operating 24-hour convenience stores, service for everyone. Emerged from the vending machine up to now, the vending machine provides a lot of convenience. In many public places, it can be found everywhere, selling all kinds of goods, from snacks drinks to some of life's FMCG, such as a variety of quick payment, don't take up too much time, always buy, very convenient. Vending machine place widely applied, business circle, stations, hospitals, residential area, etc. , but for the vending machine operators, because of the traffic was steady and large demand, the characteristics of students with high quality, the school became the advantages of a vending machine operators resources, make everyone scrambled into a good point. Campus is divided into school, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school campus, campus in colleges and universities. We many Chinese universities, see below: a set of data, according to wan not all of the People's Republic of China on the mainland with a total of 2845 regular institutions of higher education, including: 2553 regular institutions of higher education ( 447 with independent private colleges and universities, 275 independent schools, 7 sino-foreign cooperation in running schools) , 292 adult higher schools. So many schools, students also need to life, therefore, in the school into a vending machine, actually is very good, his need. In the first place, school attendance, and wide potential demand; Second, the students' ability to accept new things is strong, for self-help shopping easier; Again, the quality of students is higher, generally do not occur randomly to destroy the uncivilized behavior of the machine.
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