Analysis of the operation of unmanned vending machine shop for adult products

by:Haloo      2021-03-16
Many people now want to open an adult vending machine store, but because they have no experience, they don't know how to start. Today, Xiaobian is here to give you some suggestions, hoping to help you!   1, location problem!    There is no need to open an unmanned vending machine shop in the city center. Because in the downtown area, many people are afraid of face problems and go shopping in embarrassment. It is best to choose residential areas and densely populated areas. If you can find a part of the community that most residents must pass through, this is the most appropriate.   In addition to considering residential areas, such as the vicinity of some entertainment venues, it is also a place to consider the location of stores. For example, bars, KTVs, night clubs, hotels, areas near the hotel.  Because the prime business hours of adult products drone stores are usually from late night to late night. Therefore, when you go to choose a location, it is best to recommend that you go at night. In this way, we can have a clear understanding of the population movement in the vicinity and avoid completely different population movements during the day and night.  2, self-employment or franchise?    If you have a wealth of industry experience and have a good understanding of this industry, then the self-employment method is the most suitable. Find the source of goods by yourself, find the machine, design the store door, and carry out publicity and promotion.   If you have no relevant experience, but know the huge profits in this industry, you want to come in and get a share of the pie. Then, the most suitable way for you is to choose the right platform to join.  Find the benefits of joining the platform. First of all, they have rich industry experience, so you can avoid detours. Secondly, the big franchise platform has a good reputation, allowing you to join in and profit in the fastest time. Finally, the supply of goods and machines on the franchise platform is more secure, and the promotion channels are more abundant, which can save you a lot of trouble.  3. Questions about the prospects of this industry!    According to online statistics, Japan has a population of about 100 million and has more than 3 million vending machines, including adult products vending machines and other vending machines.   The number of vending machines in our domestic market, including vending machines for adult products, is currently only more than 300,000 units. Therefore, the market demand for this piece is extremely huge.   At the same time, the adult products industry is a special industry. Due to privacy reasons, many people prefer to go to unmanned vending machine stores to buy.   Moreover, the demand for my country's adult products market broke the 100 billion mark in 2016, and it is still growing, and the demand in the future will be even greater. All in all, this is a real profiteering industry!   4. Who is suitable?    A. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs often like to pursue profiteering industries. This project is tailor-made for them. Moreover, regardless of self-employment or franchise, the investment cost is between tens of thousands, and the risk factor is not high.   B. Part-time office workers: Because the shop is in the form of unmanned automatic receipt, the machine solves the problem of labor costs. Office workers who want to make more money are also very suitable for this project. As long as you go to the store to collect the payment after get off work, and contact the merchant in time to replenish the goods, you will do two things with one stone without affecting normal work. Nowadays, the adult products industry has become a recognized profiteering industry. Many people have realized their wealth dream here. If you want to realize your wealth dream here, welcome to join us!   Sorting out, this article does not represent the views of this site. Previous post: Talk about the difference between unmanned convenience stores and self-service vending machines
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