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Analysis of hotel mini vending machine's shortcomings and response

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Taken out of context, the hotel on the mini mini vending machine characteristics, it chooses grid cabinet structure, more in 7 - base model 12, the structure of the grid cabinet choices it each grid has independent door and control structure, but each grid can only contain one kind of product. Mini should analyse from the aspects of good or bad, not necessarily the right and wrong. From the visual point of view, the hotel mini vending machine for product quantity is little, space utilization is low, but look from it into bearing, address is not the defects. Mini vending machine in hotel guest room the privacy protection, relatively closed small environment as fixed dian, target positioning in the hotel guests. A guest room corresponding in most cases is 1 2 people, corresponding to the demand of products is not very big, 7 - It can meet the 12 pieces products. Deal with products less problem, hotel mini vending machine should center on the selected product, you need to do fewer but better, jing can be understood as a cost-effective products, product types must que, thus let more hotel guests can join the customer's identity.
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