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Analyses the vending machine should pay attention to what aspects when joining

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
The vending machine to join the brand need to pay attention to what issues? Sure help you find a shop boss often unreliable, committed himself to find shop is still spreading, don't trust each other will be sincerity to find you, they are just for the sake of a job, let you quickly pay. So don't choose to join the brand. Promised package includes all decorate must only put up posters, oh, what packaging is a couple of cheap posters, all have to post myself, if I do this poster to measure one hundred times stronger than he, did not know which please graphic design this poster, aesthetic decades ago, I was drunk, specifically to attract customers later in life. Promised products are send products must have difference, after the goods out of the question to contact customers hundreds of times are useless, are not processed - for me Times. Advised we must open your eyes, the sky really does not have merit of roses, but with drop the knife. Promise to close my shop package refund is false. Pure routines, say what to support our business, subsidies for the rent every month, not to earn money to the third month, full back, until now I every month the turnover of less than 3000 money, can't sleep every night, looking for a brand he work, no matter you, refund will bear all personnel on a business trip and disassemble expenses would be thousands of larger, plus shipping thousands of, equipment depreciation, etc. , basic, there is no money, so what all promise you closed shop package refund you don't believe a word, all is false.
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