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An essential anti-alcohol vending machine for bar KTV

by:Haloo      2021-03-15
Chinese people’s dining table culture, colleagues and friends gathering, entrusting people to do things, how to leave the wine table, China’s 1.4 billion people drink at least 600 million people; and Moutai with a wine brand can become the leader of A-shares, showing how deep the wine culture is People’s minds; under the influence of “deep feelings and boring”, how many people bite the bullet and pour the contents of the glass, and the damage to the body caused by alcohol has also attracted everyone’s attention; more than ten years ago, the sea king Jinzun was used to soothe the liver and protect the liver. Positioning, easily won hundreds of millions of annual sales, the market potential of hangover products can be imagined. 2 The budding hangover products are not a new thing. Many years ago, people would go to nearby pharmacies to buy hangover medicines when they were drunk. This hangover channel does not match the real consumption scene; when the mobile Internet is particularly the payment revolution Let the vending machine shine with a new style, now there is a company called 'Quick Wake TechnologyIn nightclubs, thousands of spots have been placed successfully, and a new situation has been successfully created with vending machines. In the past, hangover products could only be passed through traditional channels such as pharmacies, and the cost was high, but nowadays, through vending machines Ways to enter the channel; the capacity is 10 boxes, 60 boxes, and 200 boxes, which will be comprehensively evaluated according to the situation of the point, and the operators will complete timely supplements; 4 The business opportunity operation model for entrepreneurs, currently has direct sales and franchise There are two models, and a brand-new profit sharing system is still being tried. You only need to provide points. After the customer pays, the money will be proportionally distributed to the distributors and merchants. This profit sharing system allows Party A to start using it. A penny investment and an ideal sharing model also allow merchants and distributors to consciously complete the last part of the sales work; in the face of the achievements that have been made, Kuaixing Company believes that they are not in a hurry to arrange points and fight the so-called time difference. Instead, the actual effect of the product is placed in a very important position; in order to choose the best hangover product, nearly 200 different hangover products at home and abroad have been tried before and after, and finally, the current'Peacekeeping brand Wigan' was selected. 'Pian'; and reached an exclusive cooperation. The main ingredients of the product are Panax notoginseng, Phyllanthus emblica and Ganoderma lucidum extract, which can quickly enhance the metabolism of the liver; People in Chinese wine have experience of socializing and causing discomfort, so I sincerely hope that Kuaishou Technology can quickly cultivate the market. For those who have to socialize, it can protect the liver in time, and in the national wine culture, let everyone more A sense of body protection, in the future, Kuaixing Technology plans to complete the launch of 10,000 vending machines this year. With the investment of Angel Wheel, and at the same time planning the development of more low-priced products, Kuaixing Technology will definitely be a antidote. More beautiful flowers bloom in the new field of unmanned vending machines.
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