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All know about the spring what are vending machine performance advantages

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
With the arrival of the summer, and to the beverage sale busy season. Aisle in the spring, drinks vending machine by vast beverage business operators. Next let's explanation about the three advantages of this spring a vending machine. Good heat preservation, save electricity, because of the special organization, spring aisle aisle were insulation wrapped inside the machine, drink when refrigeration heat preservation is far less than the other has a big glass machine is much better, and save energy. Spring aisle, something wrong with long service life, less spring aisle vending machine is very sophisticated, as the earliest a vending machine products, thus fault rate is particularly low, little card goods, service life is longer. Replenishment of high efficiency, low operating capital, spring aisle drinks vending machine replenishment special short, only need to pull it feeding box, and then put the beverage bottle each set, put right orientation, simple pendulum owe good card goods, replenishment speed is faster. Snake aisle of the drink machines replenishment speed at least three times more than spring aisle, which means that in the aisle at the same time has to fill the 300 bottles of drinks, and spring aisle haven't fill 100 bottles. As we all know, working in the high speed of social efficiency is how important!
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