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Advantages of smart vending machines in schools

by:Haloo      2021-03-03
The advantage of smart vending machines in schools. 1. Campus layout: Generally, colleges and universities have a relatively large area, and there are more points where vending machines can be placed. Then, where to place the vending machines, you can get a good effect and determine the approximate coverage. It is necessary to consider how many points are needed throughout the school to provide vending services, whether it needs to cover all areas, or only consider large demand areas. There is a campus map, with markers to mark the areas with high traffic, and use different color blocks to mark the level of traffic in each area. Field research and observation. (1) Understand the differences and demand intensity of students in different regions through research, and formulate different product sales strategies at each point based on the results. For example, vending machines in cafeterias, libraries, and dormitories must provide different goods or services. If they treat all beverages equally, it will inevitably affect the acquisition of higher profits. (2) Even if it is placed in a teaching building, there are many locations to choose from. How to choose is not based on personal imagination. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the walking path of students in each popular area and observe the highest point of traffic to guide the selection of the specific placement point of the vending machine. (3) Understand how many vending machines are needed to cover the popular area through this data in order for students to get the distance that the product can bear. The above content is organized and released by Dongguan Trading Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, you can contact our company, we will provide you with reasonable and detailed answers, so that more people can understand Dongguan vending machines and Guangdong unmanned vending machines are our responsibility. Previous: Self-service consumption drives the development trend of unmanned vending machines Next: Briefly introduce the development of terminal vending machine operation market
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