Adult supplies the vending machine support WeChat alipay and code

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Product name: adult supplies the vending machine product model: SMK - F806 major groups: adults suitable places: entertainment, communities and other detailed parameters: low size: 1920 mm ( High) x2260mm( Wide) x800mm( Thick) Low color: white low quantity: 500 kg specification: low capacity layer 7 low inventories: about 368 ~ 700: low voltage power 80 w, 110 v - 220 v, 50/60 hz low coin system: paper ( 1 - 100 yuan) And COINS ( One yuan) Notes change, COINS, change; Pay treasure to pay; WeChat pay low shipping way: spring tray drawer aisle large explosion-proof laminated glass window display, LED lighting, can be intuitive to see the product, the operation is simple. Low can take advertising LCD LCD display support U disk video, image ads broadcast ( Optional) 。 Hd 7 inch touch screen; Can sell adult supplies all varieties, unlimited variety and size specifications, into the be clear at a glance, sales and stock, receive all notes, automatic cycle of change, and identify its authenticity and shipping automatically, without human unattended. Low microcomputer control system with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, management functions such as fault self diagnosis; Machine scalable networking, may at any time of cluster self-help sales network; Low power lost protection function, memory function. Can be set to low anti-theft alarm. With GPRS wireless remote background management system, software and hardware system. Low powerful cloud service management platform anytime and anywhere can query each vending machine sales through the network information, the running state. Low leakage protection function. Low body materials: all steel structure, strong and durable.
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