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About what are the day-to-day management of the vending machine working process

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Follow the new retail career, let's at the train station, shopping center stream of local, it is not difficult to find the figure of vending machine. Because of China's market demand is very big, attracted a lot of stakeholders in love, many will have such doubt, everyday to handle the vending machine is how to do? Primary operating vending machine into place should be chosen near the park, prosperous street, downtown foot traffic, such as local, to ensure that the beverage sales. Early is a good place on loan capital demand control, if say don't understand in stores, but not sure the surplus, then place on loan to consider the practice of share out bonus, doing so would decline in investment risk, to ensure capital recovery of the moment. Operator needs time to store market, each place also has a lot of the rent payments, so if you want to run good vending machines, condition is bound to have a good place and rental fees. Analysis of each link, including sales of food and beverages, such ability can let flow interests '. The vending machine daily deal with what? Let's common vending machine mainly selling drinks, snacks, and other products, COINS to pay with cash, primary demand human thinking, independent operation, as a takeover, replenishment, COINS, paper money all operating process. Launched in recent years, the vending machine WeChat pay treasure to wait for a variety of pay method, breaking the traditional vending machine pay pay method, open intelligent WeChat pay, pay treasure, unionpay intelligence form, in the process of the degree must be handled operation card currency, COINS, change, COINS and other issues. Some vending machine screen, with content needs regular replacement, the condition of system of checking and machine operating data calculation.
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