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About the vending machine business will encounter what problem

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
With the coming of the era of big data, everyone refused to take out money, shopping is full scan qr codes are take the walk, and vending machines also becomes a venture investment industry with the heat, many workers or companies want to self-service vending machines to give their wealth increased brick add tile, how about self-employment vending machine, you must make clear the following several problems. There is no doubt that the future development of vending machines is without question, when you look at the alibaba crazy in investment, recovery offline promotion market; Jingdong mall in the national scope to set up thousands of chain convenience store, this has the change, will immediately change the offline promotion of retail market, vending machine spring is coming. Vending machine management common problems linked: the quality of the anchor point is particularly important, passenger volume is the basic, consumption ability to work is the driving force. Master near have similar competitors, not only contains other vending machines, also contains a small supermarket, grocery stories, which belong to the competition, in other words the target consumer groups in the perimeter of the anchor point can be selective. Cooperation method: choose their own way right, the management work pressure will be smaller. Apart from offline promotion can sell goods, the drainage method online consumption, lock the customer viscosity, enhance well-known brand satisfaction.
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