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About the purchase price of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-03-08
Smart self-service retail is definitely one of them! Vending machine equipment can not only greatly reduce labor costs, but also can work 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, as long as the machine is not bad, the work will not stop! Moreover, many places that are not suitable for opening stores can seize business opportunities by deploying vending machines, such as the library lobby of the teaching building, the waiting room of the station, the entrance and exit of the subway station, the entrance of the factory workshop, and the lobby of the hospital clinic. As long as the number of people is large and the quality is high, there is no business.   In addition to the choice of vending machines, many people also pay attention to the price of vending machines. How much is the vending machine? People often ask me that. The prices of vending machines of different types and configurations vary greatly. I will briefly introduce the characteristics of the main types of vending machines on the market and their approximate price ranges. Multi-door lattice cabinet vending machine The multi-door lattice cabinet vending machine is the cheapest type of vending machines. The grid cabinet without a system is generally 5-7 thousand yuan, but it cannot be used alone. It can only be used with intelligent automatic The vending machine system is connected; the grid cabinet with the system is generally about 8-9 thousand, which can be used alone. The advantage of the multi-door lattice cabinet is that it can accommodate some larger or heavier sizes, irregular-shaped packaging or a variety of products.  How much is the vending machine? Vending machines for spring/track lanes These vending machines have a long history and the most mature technology. The rail cargo lane is a subspecies of the spring cargo lane. The general principle is the same, and the product is introduced through springs or tracks. The price of spring/crawler vending machines is usually between 10,000 and more than 20,000, depending on the size configuration. The advantage of the spring/crawler vending machine is that it can sell all kinds of small commodities. Many biscuits, breads, dairy products, beverages and daily necessities can be sold in the market.
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