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About the hotel vending machine industry development situation

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Vending machine for the new hotel to create a new retail model. Online and offline integrated e-commerce channels. From the perspective of hotel operators and customers, using the intelligent mini. Active vending machine to supply unattended self-service vending machine vision that hotel? Chinese people save, introverted, flowing. Before the ceremony - for example, in the old woman Night, the mother will sit in the room to see her daughter. Love and passion is the essence of the human emotional needs. In ancient China, there are many beautiful poems spread to now. Have a special nice name of angkor. From ancient times to now, the ceremony and meaning is conveyed in the bones, those rosy dared to night, due to their own, to him and her. Even with - Days become an adult, everything is legitimate, something embarrassing to say that some behavior is still afraid of be others know, it is necessary to be selected and hide some preference. With the passage of time, the idea of people more and more open, many funny theme hotel hotel has been bear by us. Beyond the 83% of customers show willing to test.
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