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About the hotel vending machine industry development situation

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
With the rapid development of science and technology and the hotel the vending machine continuously Innovation and development. More and more stakeholders and shen businessmen attach importance to it. The merchant's hand slowly into the hotel unmanned active vending machine. Recently, in a hotel, we saw a noble hotel some of the equipment inside the vending machine. Although there is a vision, but our hotel how to layout the vending machine, that we can get more income? In the first half of the unmanned active vending machine only appear in the economy hotel, but rarely in duan hotel. Hotel of the vending machine to carry out like a still stay in the open a shop equipment, even if the payment connected to intersection, selling products are mostly drinks and food, more idea is consistent with the budget hotel. In order to satisfied with duan hotel requirement for good service, we need try your best in appearance and multi-functional self-service machine! Actually the layout of the hotel itself and passenger demand characteristic hotel the vending machine is also resolution into the important reason of - here 。 General hotel room is relatively independent, have multilayer, therefore has the corridors, lobby front desk, elevator imports and is a key way for the passenger corridor, is also a good local place hotel the vending machine! Hotel has a camera and security measures, need not worry active vending machine of artificial damage. Hotel guests, whether to travel, business travel, point to point, are selected in the neighboring consumption. No active vending machine natural become hotel services part of no shortage! Now the hotel of the vending machine sell products is also very much, is all according to the hotel and appearance of the scene to carry out planning. Basics of hotel customer needs can be satisfied, it will add users experience, also can bring to the hotel must have traffic. Hotel should demand the vending machine in accordance with the above method to layout, so hotels and businesses can get more income.
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