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A vending machine entrepreneurs share of entrepreneurial story

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
After unemployment has been to find a suitable job opportunities in Mr. Jiang, the end of May 2020, the city opened specific guidance management center and the well-known enterprise collaborative exhibition held saw technology automatic drink machines. Seen the vending machine in detail, Mr. Jiang feel vending machine of science and technology project investment need not what professional ability, still can obtain marketing company, service support, and the new project start-up capital, less cost to buy short cycle time, suitable workers operation, so take out thirty thousand diversity buy a full automatic drink machines, has just started his own business. By the technical professional enterprises strongly recommend, Mr Jiang chose to drink machines into the university cafeteria, first to ensure enough traffic. As towards students crowd a method of sales, Mr Jiang is still in the early stage of the project investment moderately reduced the price of a bottle of drink, with consumer attracted a large number of students. Slowly, Mr Jiang's alcohol quickly opened the students sales market, and not long after, the objective facts also confirmed his business model is successful, a named 'never off work very the clerks' automatic drink machines also slowly warmly welcomed by students. Widely considered the vending machine time, it can produce a variety of hot cold drink, can choose many kinds of beverage, also suitable students taste, in his spare time to choose a bottle of drink slowly into a lot of students a kind of habit. He said, more and more students start to accept such ZiZhuXing services, to give them the endless business opportunities. When the good market sales, drink machines can profit 4000 yuan every month. Because the hot weather, Mr. Jiang is very fancy a drink in the sales market of a wide market prospect. Last month, he in a congested bus around in my humble opinion from the vending machine enterprises and buy a full automatic drink machines. Although the colleges and universities have put a summer, Mr. Jiang promotion on campus drink machines also lose basic consumer, but he to drink sales market to have a sufficient grasp, feel the second project investment can be a lot of profit.
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