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A no vending machine the profits of a month probably how many?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
A no vending machine the profits of a month probably how many? Vending machine what profit has always been the problem of attention, the vending machine how about profits is decided by many because of the dao element. How about vending machine profits, choose the right place is really important. A good point with schools, hospitals, railway stations, factories, tourist attractions, and so on. School is the place where operating vending machine back to the fastest, an average of 1 year in the university can back to this, sell milk in elementary school, on average, eight months can back to this, the key is to be in the channel. Artificial intelligent self-service is the trend of the development of all walks of life, the retail industry is no exception, in the near future, the vending machine and no self-help vending supermarket will gradually replace someone quite a number of traditional supermarkets, stores, vending machine is still in its infancy in China, the gap is very big, foreground is very good. According to customer feedback, from hundreds of thousands of thousands a month to a month, this is up to you on the situation and operation of the machine to decide, the profits of a month is not fixed.
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