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A complete collection of different types of vending machine prices

by:Haloo      2021-11-14
In today's society, the pace of life is so fast, convenience, 24 hours a day, novel, fashionable, intelligent and other needs have become the consumption trend of young consumer groups, and the unmanned, self-service retail sales model is highly praised. Vending machines are very suitable for such needs. They are not restricted by time and location, save manpower, and are convenient for transactions. They are a new form of commercial retail and are becoming a new outlet for consumption upgrades in the retail industry. Only innovation can adapt to the development of the times. Of course, since the development of vending machines, there are already many types. From the structure, it can be divided into multi-door lattice cargo lane type, spring cargo lane type, S-shaped cargo lane type, crawler cargo lane type, type with automatic lifting system, etc.; from the point of view, there are beverage vending machines and fruit vending machines. Vending machines, adult vending machine, snack vending machines, fast food vending machines, etc.; vending machines from different businesses require different production costs and functional designs, so the prices of vending machines will also vary. Let me introduce the difference in the price of vending machines based on the classification of the cargo lane structure. 1. S-shaped cargo lane (also called snake-shaped cargo lane) The S-shaped cargo lane of the vending machine is a cargo lane developed for the sale of bottled and canned beverages. It can sell bottled and canned beverages, and the width of the lane It can be adjusted according to the height of the beverage. The beverage can be stacked layer by layer in the cargo lane, relying on its own gravity to slide, rarely causing jams, high space utilization, larger capacity than other types of cargo lanes, simple replenishment, and horizontal Just throw it in, reduce the replenishment time, have a long life, and be durable; but this kind of cargo lane has a complex structure, high cost, and is not easy to produce. Generally, enterprises have no ability to produce, so the price of this type of vending machine is also relatively high. The small one is about 10,000 yuan, and the large one needs 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. There will be differences between those with and without screens. For example, a large touch screen is more expensive than a small screen machine, but operating costs should be considered later. , This kind of vending machine has a long life and low failure rate, which is quite cost-effective. 2. Spring cargo lane Vending machine The spring cargo lane is an earlier type of goods lane in the vending machine. It uses the rotation of the spring to push the goods out. The structure of this kind of goods lane is relatively simple, and there are more types of sales. , Such as beverages, snacks, instant noodles, daily necessities and other small commodities can be sold, the production cost is relatively low, but the rate of jams is very high, the size of the goods on the goods should be strictly in accordance with the size of the spring's pitch and diameter, and when restocking Careful arrangement will increase the rate of jamming if the arrangement is not good, which is more troublesome. The price of this kind of vending machine is generally between 1 and 26,000, depending on the size and configuration. 3. Crawler cargo lane The vending machine's crawler cargo lane is an extension of the spring cargo lane. It has many restrictions. It is suitable for selling products with a fixed volume, a flat bottom and not easy to fall. It can be used to sell packed lunches and short cans of beverages. , Boxed snacks, etc.; replenishment is also more troublesome, like the spring cargo lane, you need to carefully put the goods one by one, which will delay time. The price of this category of vending machines is generally more than 20,000 yuan, and the specific vending machine prices depend on the size and configuration. 4. Multi-door grid cargo lane vending machine This kind of vending machine is cheap. It is combined with many grid cabinets. Each grid cabinet has a separate door and control mechanism, and each grid cabinet can only be placed in it. A product, but a wide variety of products (suitable for unpackaged, unfixed shapes, larger sizes, complete package combinations, etc.), simple structure and low production cost, but there are also small quantities of goods and space utilization Low situation. The price of a single lattice cabinet is generally around 5-7 thousand and cannot be used alone. A lattice cabinet with a system can be used alone. The price of this type of vending machine is around 8-9 thousand. 5. Comprehensive commodity machine with automatic lift. This machine with automatic lift is a system with an automatic lift added to the machine on the spring/track cargo track. It can sell goods that are afraid of falling, such as glass-packaged goods and fruits. Vegetables, eggs, box lunches, etc., are shipped smoothly. The products sold by vending machines are relatively large. Therefore, the overall size of these machines is relatively large, the structure is complicated, and the production cost is high. The price of such vending machines is generally around 30,000. Vending machines of different cargo lanes have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the prices of vending machines are also different, not to mention that there are different brands. Even the vending machines of the same merchant will have a classification of models, so the prices of vending machines will be different. When buying a machine, you should still choose the type of machine based on the type of goods you sell, the location of the machine, and the financial capacity you can afford. . This article editor: haloo vending machine search hot words: vending machine, unmanned vending machine, vending machine manufacturer official website: http://www.et-vending.com/ Tel: 400-86-55011 mobile phone: 18053215830 The copyright of this article belongs to the haloo vending machine.
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