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A Brief History of the Development of Unmanned Vending Machines

by:Haloo      2023-06-07
The development history of unmanned vending machine technology, from 1.0-7.0 breakthrough: Unmanned vending machine is a brand-new commercial retail mode, which developed from Japan and Europe and the United States in the 1970s. It is also known as a 24-hour small shopping mall. In China, after decades of development, the technology of unmanned stores has become more and more mature, and the level of intelligence has become higher and higher. 1.0 Torsion spring spiral type cargo lane unmanned vending machine - the torsion spring spiral type cargo lane is also the earliest cargo lane that appeared on the vending machine. This kind of cargo lane has the characteristics of simple structure and many types of products that can be sold. Common snacks, daily necessities and other small general merchandise can also sell bottled beverages; advantages: low cost, and a wide variety of products that can be sold; disadvantages: selling bottled beverages is very easy to get stuck, it is inconvenient to stock up, and the aisles must be drawn After leaving, put the products carefully one by one. If the placement is not good, the rate of jams will be increased. 2.0 Crawler-type cargo aisle unmanned vending machine-the crawler-type aisle can be said to be an extension of the torsion spring aisle, with more restrictions, suitable for selling products with fixed packaging and not easy to pour; advantage: can sell short bottled drinks , short canned snacks, fast food box lunches and other products that can stand firmly. Disadvantages: All products that cannot stand firmly cannot be sold (as long as one product is poured, it will be poured into the entire aisle like dominoes), it is inconvenient to prepare goods, and the aisles must be pulled out and the products carefully Lay them out one by one to save time. 3.0 S-shaped depositing channel (also called ring-shaped channel) unmanned vending machine - S-shaped depositing channel is a special channel specially developed and designed for beverage vending machines, which can sell all kinds of canned and bottled products Beverages (bottled eight-treasure porridge is also acceptable), the drinks are deposited layer by layer in the cargo channel, and the delivery is reduced by its own force, so it is not easy to get stuck, and the delivery port is controlled by the electromagnetic induction mechanism; advantages: the layer-by-layer deposition of drinks has a high space utilization rate; The volume is large, and there are many types of beverages that can be sold; the delivery method determines that it is not easy to get stuck; it is durable and long-lasting; it is easy to stock up, just throw the drinks in horizontally, the stocking speed is faster, and the operating cost is low. Disadvantages: The structure is cumbersome, the design and production process is difficult, the requirements are high, ordinary companies are not capable of production, and the production cost is high. 4.0 multi-door refrigerator cabinet unmanned vending machine - multi-door refrigerator cabinet is a cluster of grid cabinets, each grid has its own door and operating mechanism, each grid can put a The product can also put a set of products; advantages: it can sell a variety of products (without packaging, in an unstable shape, with relatively large specifications, and complete sets of package content, all of which can be used), and establish simple manufacturing low cost. Disadvantages: The total number of products that can be accommodated is small, and the space utilization rate is low. 5.0 RFID method unmanned vending machine - radio frequency identification technology, similar to the toll station ETC magnetic induction, each product has a corresponding identification mark; advantage: only need to paste the mark, suitable for a variety of products; disadvantage: long-term operation, the mark Increased costs. Every item needs to be packaged and labeled, so it is relatively inconvenient to prepare. 6.0 Image recognition technology Unmanned vending machine - divided into static data recognition system and dynamic recognition system. Static data identification, static data image recognition technology is exactly the same as RFID in the identification scheme, all through the comparison and summary of product information in the cabinet before and after the discharge port, and then identify products; dynamic identification, dynamic image recognition technology and static The biggest difference of the digital image recognition technology is that it is not to check the image of the products in the cabinet, but to track the movement trajectory of the purchased goods, so it is not limited to the placement of the products. To put it simply, the products in the cabinet can be overlapped; advantage: you can buy at will, and the payment is convenient and quick; defect: the preparation of the goods requires background management and memory entry, which is very time-consuming. 7.0 Gravity sensor unmanned vending machine - can integrate various payment systems to complete fast payment, unmanned, fully automatic liquidation function, and realize sales at room temperature, freezing, refrigeration, and heat insulation. Advantages: The purchase is very convenient and fast, and you can buy it at will. It is very convenient to stock up and is suitable for all products. Flaws: Unless it is vandalism, there are no defects. Automation technology is the future development trend, whether it is processing manufacturing, service industry or retail industry. Everyone will see a large number of smart products replacing manpower, unmanned factories, unmanned aircraft, and autonomous driving. These new technology application business innovations emerge in endlessly. Under such a big development trend, the market prospect of the field of unmanned vending machines is very bright.
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