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60 self-service mask machines will be unveiled at Chengdu Metro Station

by:Haloo      2023-09-14
Although the domestic epidemic has gradually stabilized and our lives are gradually getting on the right track, the epidemic is not over yet, and many areas still have a lot of prevention and control measures. Among them, you must wear a mask when you take the subway and other public transportation every day, but sometimes you forget to wear a mask, so don't worry now. Recently, it was reported that 60 self-service mask machines will be unveiled at the Chengdu Metro Station, bringing convenience to more people. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people are now required to wear masks to take public transportation in various places. However, some careless passengers forgot not to wear masks when they walked to the subway entrance. At this time, many people would choose to buy them at nearby pharmacies or convenience stores. A few days ago, in response to this problem, Chengdu Rail Transit Group responded that our company has established a project for the mask sales business and will soon introduce automatic mask machines. The self-service mask machine will be installed in the subway station and outside the security checkpoint in the future. Preparatory work is currently underway, and it is expected to meet with citizens and friends soon. Today, 60 self-service mask machines will be unveiled at Chengdu Metro Station, attracting everyone's attention. In fact, this is to provide some help to some people who have forgotten to carry masks, and to prepare and buy masks in these places to facilitate their temporary needs. In other words, soon the citizens of Chengdu will no longer have to worry about forgetting to wear a mask to go out, which will bring great convenience to everyone.
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