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20,000 yuan investment in unmanned vending machine business plan

by:Haloo      2021-03-05
The vending machine is a high-tech and intelligent product. Because it has no language barriers and is easy to operate, it has developed rapidly in the United States, Japan and other countries since it went on the market. Now it has been widely popularized in 45 countries. According to estimates by industry insiders, China has only 20,000 vending machines, which is too insignificant compared to a country with a population of 1.3 billion. If the vending machine market is fully developed, its prospects are very promising. . As a kind of vending machine, the automatic beverage machine also has the advantages of flexible and convenient operation and small floor space. Since it landed in China, it has quickly occupied a vast market. In recent days, the continuous high temperature and scorching summer has propped up a blue sky for the development of the beverage machine market. [Investment advantages] 1. The automatic beverage vending machine is easy to operate and does not have special skill requirements for investors. 2. The beverage vending machine saves area and can reduce the cost of rent and labor. [Simulation plan] ▲Start-up capital: about 23,000 yuan ▲Equipment investment: 1. The comprehensive automatic beverage vending machine can hold more than 270 bottles of drinks and cup noodles at 11,000 yuan. The purchase cost of the first batch of goods. Venue rental fee: renting the venue in a divided manner, that is, for each bottle sold, 20%-30% of the profit is distributed to the venue provider, without the need for upfront cost investment. It can also be rented on a monthly basis, with a small area of u200bu200babout 300 to 600 per month. It depends on the flow of people and the region. [Reminder] The economic benefit of the operator is closely related to the place where the beverage machine is placed. Therefore, the place where the beverage machine is placed should be selected as close to the machine as possible subways, parks, bustling streets, commercial districts and other places with large traffic to ensure Sales of beverages. Secondly, for investors who newly joined the automatic beverage machine business, the cost of venue leasing must be controlled at the initial stage of investment. If you do not know the beverage market very well and do not have much profitability, it is better to use the method of sharing for venue leasing. Greatly reduce the risk of initial investment to ensure the recovery of investment costs. After having a full grasp of the market conditions, investors can fix the venue rental fee to obtain more profits. At the initial stage of the launch of the beverage machine, the operator should also be diligent in management. It is best to check the remaining status of the beverage and barreled instant noodles in the machine through the mobile phone backstage every day, so as to understand and increase the product in time. Avoid the situation of out of stock, leading to the loss of a large number of customers and reducing the customer experience.
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