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2 minutes to teach you how to put on the new retail no vending machines, to the site

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
With development trend of the development of economy, the acceleration of life rhythm, people more and more perfect and convenient when buying goods, no one came on the heels of the retail, self-service shopping period. Whether it is a densely populated colleges and universities, hospital outpatient service, or solitary play attractions, can see the shadow of the vending machine of science and technology. Recent outbreaks, science and technology of the vending machine all square in wuhan hospital, does for the patients and medical personnel sent to warm. But to add this field, and not clear on the vending machine how to talk about cooperation? I 3 minutes to teach you about science and technology on the vending machine. A goal, choose good conversation. Clarify first, you need to put the vending machines in which parts of the world science and technology. Such as colleges and universities, hospital outpatient service, processing these selected to delivery address, then who will understand and talk about cooperation, talk to the relevant responsible cooperation. 2 it is to grasp the address and promotion. Each promotion address is different to the requirement of the vending machine, for example, like processing plants, is convenient to better employee self-service shopping, with boss immediately communication; As colleges and universities, it is convenient to better students and teachers, for colleges and universities logistics department communication; Like a hospital outpatient service, it is convenient to better doctors and patients, for hospital outpatient department communication daily life; As shopping malls, is to make money, better for the big shopping centers responsible communication. Choose good for area itself, to master their distress, symptomatic treatment, and the relevant responsible persons to talk about cooperation immediately. 3. Understanding of current policy requirements. Public areas, such as colleges and universities, hospital outpatient service, etc. , it is important to master the local government and competent authorities of relevant current policies and state of mind. Make sure your current policy and requirement is right, or you just put the vending machine in there, will be other managers away in a moment. If it were not for it is forbidden to current policy, colleges and schools and hospital outpatient service of leading cadres will be easily in many negotiations. But also has the part, some colleges and universities must be bidding information, did you talk to their use also is not big, but they will say to you the provisions of the bidding meeting, there are some benefits, then go the bidding process. Fourth, to show some kind of income. To communities, schools, hospitals, clinics and other venues, look for the relevant leaders to talk about, he said to the vending machine is convenient to everyone's daily life, also can produce certain rent, either for colleges and universities teachers students and medical staff services, can make money again, perfect. In fact, whether residential, hospital outpatient service, colleges and universities, or processing factories, shopping malls, without competitors, you run alone a vending machine, so if I were to rent, current policies allow, most is to be able to talk about. Vending machine I firmly believe that science and technology, above several aspects, the generalization of the vending machine how to talk about cooperation, shall not be easily upset.
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