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large capacity fruit vending machine wholesale for red wine

Large capacity fruit vending machine wholesale for red wine

White, black
Delivery Time
7-10 days
3 sets
Place of Origin
Dongguan, China
Start Port
Guangzhou/Shenzhen, China.
Payment terms
(T/T) Pay 30% in advance, pay the balance before delivery
Transaction method
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Product Information of large capacity fruit vending machine wholesale for red wine
Application Scope
Haloo's soda vending machine has wide application. Here are a few examples for you.While providing quality products, Haloo is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.
Enterprise Strength
  • Haloo runs the business in good faith and strives to provide professional services for customers.
Company Advantages
1. Except the quality assurance, Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd also attaches great importance to the design of fruit vending machine .
2. Our team adheres to a high standard of quality inspection policy to ensure its quality.
3. Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd will provide a broad range of solutions for our fruit vending machine .
4. Now the large-scale production, sales and logistics network of Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd covers many provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.
Outside Dimensions1920*1180*850(mm)
ColorWhite, black
Merchandise typeMaximum about 80choices
Storage capacity6drawers, 10channels
Power & voltage500W, 110V-220V, 50/60HZ
Payment SystemBill, coin, coin dispenser, and cashless payment.
Network ModeGPRS
Standard interfaceMDB/DEX
ScreenWithout screen

*  Partial parameter support customization, more detail please connect with us.

Product Details
We design and manufacture a full range of vending machines.
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large capacity fruit vending machine wholesale for red wine-2
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Product Features
We design and manufacture a full range of vending machines.
  • ◪  Inventory design, can sale fragile goods.

  • ◪  Durable Stainless steel keypad.

  • ◪  Inside modular design, easy to update, operate and maintain.

  • ◪  Shopping trolley function, more flexible to select goods.

  • ◪  High capacity to storage merchandise, more convenient.

  • ◪  Salable goods: bottle packed/box packed/canned beverage, snack and condom, slave machine is available.

  • ◪  Two lighting bars installed in two sides, attract consumers and convenient to shopping.

  • ◪  Customized language display.

  • ◪  Remote control system with management software, easy to check information and management in real time.

  • ◪  The cargo port and inventory are completely isolated, with anti-theft device design.

  • ◪  With power-off protection device, which can restore the date after restart.

  • ◪  The powerful cloud service shows the sale information, running status of each vending machine from the internet anytime and anywhere.

  • ◪  Support GPRS remote management system.

Product Advantage
We design and manufacture a full range of vending machines.
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Factory show
We design and manufacture a full range of vending machines.

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Product Certificate
We design and manufacture a full range of vending machines.

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Company Features
1. Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the distinguished suppliers in China. We hold national leading positions in food vending machines for sale designing and manufacturing.
2. Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is deeply trusted by customers at home and abroad for its high quality thanks to advanced technology.
3. We commit ourselves to safety, quality, reliability, and innovations. We will always prioritize these values at the top during the production processes. Get quote! Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is committed to providing high-quality frozen food vending machine and comprehensive services. Get quote!
Product Description
Machine working process of Orange Juice Vending Machine:

Fruit loading process of juice vending machine:

Open the door → →Pull out the basket and place orange into the basket   → → Push → →Close the door

Consume buying process:

Cash: Select Cash  → → Select  the quantity of cup  → → Insert banknotes  → →    Juicing start    →  → Lift door opened and juice completed → →   Take away cup and lift gate closed

Orange Juice Vending Machine Instructions:

GG-2300 Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine is a leading model for orange juice with ourself researched software and patented squeezed system.

By multi payment selection and automatic squeezed system it only take 45 seconds chill, cut and squeeze oranges into a sealed cup for immediate consumption.

The most advanced remote telemetry system, you can control your orange juice vending machines from your computer, tablet or smartphone: in real time you have sales figures, report, autonomy, general status etc. The vending machine system also warns you up in case of any malfunction or just for instant.

Features of Orange Juice Vending Machine:

The operator can check the sales statistics data, material consumption statistics anytime anywhere.

Initiative reminding:

Lack of materials reminding, fault warning, information will be sent to you at the first time.

The operator can determine when restocking needs occur.

Through Cloud-----the innovative and complete software,you can remote control the information all-around.

We are committing to continuously develop and invest in innovations, we will deliver most convenient and intelligent equipment to more people around the world.


Application range of juice vending machine:

There are an unlimited number of locations that Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine can be successfully located, just some locations that can work well at are as follows: Schools,Gymnasiums,Train Stations,Recreation Centres,Large white collar office sites,Large workplaces of any description,

Sports Stadiums,Shopping Centres,Hospitals,Airports etc.

Orange juice vending machine technical parameter:







Feeder Capacity


Automatic Delivery

59 servings without need to replenish orange

Serving Delivery Time

35-35 seconds

Orange Size


Storage room size







adjustable from 2℃ upwards

Payment Systems

note acceptors in all currencies, cashless payment
technologies, MDB-Executive protocols


1.Q: How long is the warranty period of the oranger juice vending machine? What would we do for our customers if the vending machine engine doesn't work?

A:Our oranger juice vending equipment warranty is 1 years, foreign customers we generally provide the total amount of machinery 1% spare parts as a spare, if the machine does not work we will provide 24 hours of remote guidance.

2.Q:Can the orange juice vending machine only install oranges less than 70mm?

A:Orange size can receive 65-90mm oranges

3.Q: Does the orange juice vending machine accept cups of different sizes? What cups do you often use? Is it OK for customers to use 250ml cups?

A:The caliber of the Machine Cup must be consistent with the cup provided by our company, and the capacity can be 250ML

4.Q:Can you supply a cup?

A:We can provide cup lid straw and garbage bag.

5.Q:Is your offer inclusive of all charges? such as coin payment, mobile phone detection, etc.

A:Quotation is included with the complete machine and accessories .

6.Q: Is this juice vending machine automatic and can be cleaned automatically? Or do you need manual cleaning?

A:The orange juice vending machine does not contain automatic cleaning function, need manual cleaning, wash and rinse time about 20 minutes

7.Q:Can the front glass be enlarged? Customers want consumers to see the whole process of the orange squeeze

A:At present, the machine glass is increased, consumers can see all the crushing process, the visual space of 20CM or so

8.Q:Do you have other type juice vending machines?

A:Currently developing laminating machine, after the development of each can squeeze about 120 cups

9.Q: How many kilograms of oranges can we store in this juice vending machine?

A:The orange juice vending machine is now stored to store about 60 kilograms of oranges.

10. Q:How many cups can this juice vending machine squeeze a day? What is the maximum yield?

A:One full cup lid can squeeze about 70 cups, plus storage area oranges can sell 160 cups.Singapore customer daily Maximum sales volume reached 270 cups/day

11.Q: Do you have a video of how the orange juice vending machine work? 

A:The juice vending machine touch screen has the advertisement player, if the customer has the related video can carry on the backstage push to play, the operation is very simple

12. Q:If you want to change their prices, how to operate it?

A:The operation of the operating methods are on-site screen operation and background computer operation in two ways

13.Q:What can be monitored for mobile phone monitoring machines? For example: How many cups have been sold so that the problem can be monitored in real time?

A:Mobile phone detection including machine operation status, failure status, sales and operator machine cleaning status, the number of cups sold can be real-time inquiries

14. Q:What can we do about LED panel? Can you introduce business support?

A:The orange juice vending chooses 22 inch LED touch screen, the lower half area 1/3 buys the operation area for the consumer, above 2/3 area is the advertisement display area, the customer may introduce the commercial support

15.Q:Does this juice vending machine have wheels? Is it convenient for customers to move machines?

A:The wheel is in the bottom of the machine, can be fixed and adjusted at any time to move

16.Q: Is there an LED light in front of the machine? Can you see it at night?

A:The front window of the machine has a circle of LED lights, as long as the machine has light strips.

17.Q:On average, how many years can the juice vending machines work?

A:The design life of our machine is 8-10 years.

18.Q:After payment, how many days can you deliver?

A:Payment to 35 working days after delivery

19. Q:What are the wearing parts of this oranger juice vending machine? If yes, what is the price?

A:The juice vending machine has part of the juicing area of the vulnerable parts, the purchase will be random distribution, the latter if the customer needs to purchase separately, we will be the purchase price to provide customers

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