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HALOO Fast Food Heating Vending Machine

Since the invention of the intelligent vending machine, the range of popularization has also become wider and wider.

With the new coronavirus outbreak in 2020, in order to avoid the flow and contact between people, the use of self-service lunch boxes has been unprecedentedly promoted.


Box lunch machines are generally used by catering companies. The state has very high requirements for this kind of box lunch companies. It also needs a mature cold chain. The box lunch vending machine mainly replaces the previous traditional model. The previous model was that the catering company sent someone to drive the box lunch to the company downstairs or to the wholesaler below. It was sold on the spot at the meal, and the rate was relatively low. . It is much simpler to use the vending machine to sell the box lunch mode. The box vending machine is arranged under the office building, mainly for lunch, and the operator is sent to replenish the goods in the morning. The vending machine starts to automatically heat up according to the time node. Cargo planes began to sell box lunches automatically. 

In the afternoon, the catering company started to count the sales of various box vending machines in the background, and sent someone to take back the unsold boxed lunches for further processing. However, the situation of incomplete sales is rare, because after a period of data accumulation, each office building has a daily sales volume, and it is sufficient to supply on demand. The box lunch vending machine can also support the O2O mode, order online to go to the vending machine to pick up the goods. The current problem that needs to be solved is the cost problem. The current volume of vending machines for box lunches is not very large, resulting in a much higher manufacturing cost than general vending machines.


After heating, you will get a warm-hearted meal. so nice~~


With the advent of the 5G era, the application space of artificial intelligence will be further improved, and unmanned retail cabinets based on visual recognition technology will continue to upgrade, becoming more intelligent and convenient, solving technical pain points, improving user experience, and expanding unlimited Possible unmanned retail market.

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