About Guangdong Smart Technology

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
Guangdong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guangdong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is the main supplier of self-service vending machines in East China. Self-service vending machines follow the fashion trend. At present, the company’s main products mainly include various commercial self-service vending machines and self-service car wash machines. , Self-service popcorn machines, self-service mobile phone charging stations, electronic lockers, self-service payment query systems, automatic ticket vending systems, logistics pickup machines, etc., and at the same time customize intelligent machinery and equipment for customers. Not only can it lead the development of the entire industry in terms of technology, it is not inferior to any other domestic enterprise in terms of its own strength. At present, it has its own professional Ru0026D team, a production base with complete infrastructure, and its own warehousing and logistics distribution center in Dongguan Luyang Industrial Park, which has very convenient transportation. The main products produced by the company include various commercial self-service vending machines, self-service car wash machines, self-service popcorn machines, self-service mobile phone charging stations, electronic lockers, self-service payment inquiry systems, automatic ticket vending systems, logistics pickup machines, etc. Automatic charging system and consumer self-service system. At present, the machines have penetrated into major cities across the country. Its excellent quality, excellent performance, convenient operation, and excellent cost performance have won the trust of investors and are also deeply loved by consumers. Becoming an industry leader and building a century-old national brand is always on the way! With the most advanced independent core technology and research and development capabilities in the industry, it provides a full line of first-class products for vending machines, and customizes and designs perfect vending machine products according to different customer needs to meet customers' innovative ideas. These vending machine products and solutions are oriented to the world , Widely used in schools, high-speed railways, airports, stations, shopping malls, hospitals and enterprises and other places. The types of goods sold by vending machines cover food, stationery, books, toys, clothing, medicines and family planning supplies, fresh food, box lunches, and fresh food. Juice, laundry detergent and many other fields, and realized a variety of payment methods such as coins, banknotes, IC cards, ID cards, mobile wallets, Alipay, WeChat QR codes, and GPRS remote management and control systems. Smart technology will combine market development trends and consumers' psychological demands to re-research and develop more high-end, smarter and more convenient self-service consumer terminals. This cooperation will surely bring an innovation to the self-service terminal equipment market!
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