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5G Intelligent Vending Machine

5G and Huawei came into the eyes of the general public overnight.
Although many people still do not understand what 5G is today, the changes brought about by 5G have quietly begun. 

In the 5G age, what are the future self-selling opportunities? It may exceed the imagination of many people!

High speed: Compared with 4G and 5G communication, the mobile data traffic per unit area can be increased by 1000 times, the network speed can be 100 times, the end-to-end delay can be shortened by 5 times, and the number of networked devices can be increased by 10-100 times.

Low latency: only 0.001 seconds! !

Low energy consumption: Compared with traditional 4G, 5G has lower energy consumption and longer battery life.

What 5G will bring to the vending machine industry?

Better device interaction experience

Cloud is more intelligent

Enhancement of derivative value-added business capabilities

Broaden the scope of product innovation for vending machines. Every improvement of communication technology can bring a great development opportunity to the industry. When the design ideas of vending machines can get rid of the current 4G conditions, I believe there will be a large number of newer and better products that will enter the market and bring new development momentum to the industry.

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