What are the business models of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-12-03
In recent years, with the continuous development and growth of new retail, vending machines, as an important part of it, have also matured with the help of the new retail trend, and now intelligent shopping methods have been upgraded on vending machines for many generations. From the initial stage of cash payment to later sonic payment, card payment, scan code payment, and even current face payment, it can be said that vending machines belong to a more stable category in the new retail industry. Many of my friends are already engaged in the vending machine industry. So, what are the business models for vending machines? There are many business models for vending machines to meet the needs of different vending machine entrepreneurs. Several major business models have their own advantages. Vending machine entrepreneurs can choose according to their actual situation. The main business models are as follows :1. The factory direct sales mode of vending machine manufacturers, as the name suggests, is to directly purchase machines from the manufacturers and operate them by themselves. Factory direct sales channels are divided into online and offline channels. The online direct sales model is to sell through major online sales platforms and online store malls; the offline sales model is to sign purchase and sales contracts with manufacturers for payment transactions to public accounts. Factory direct sales do not have a middleman to make the difference, the price is generally more affordable, and the after-sales service is also better. 2. In addition to a few major manufacturers, there is a large group of operators to join through operators. The relationship between the operator and the manufacturer can be understood as the relationship between the automobile business operation company and the automobile factory. Operators do not produce machines, but are only responsible for business operations. They have more operator models, including franchising, and they can also be packaged as a brand separately. After franchising, they provide machines and fast-moving consumer goods as well as some operational services. The disadvantage is that the overall cost is higher, and the advantage is that there are many cooperation options and enterprise support, which is very suitable for entrepreneurs without experience. 3. The lease installment model is relatively simple. The user of the vending machine pays a certain deposit to the manufacturer or operating company, and after signing the contract, he can get the machine for his own use and pay a certain monthly rent. There are two situations here, pure rent and sale on behalf of rent. Pure renting is purely leasing the machine, always renting and paying the rent, the ownership of the machine belongs to the operating company, the right to use belongs to the user, when the machine is not rented, the machine is returned to the operating company, and the deposit is returned to the user of the machine; After renting for a certain period of time, the ownership of the machine belongs to the user of the machine, and the deposit is returned. Generally, the second mode is more common, and is very suitable for users who have insufficient funds at the initial stage of their business. 4. Free delivery of machines. This is mainly a cooperation method between the operating company and the owner. The owner provides the venue and the operating company provides equipment and operating services. This mode is relatively rare. It usually occurs in more remote suburban factories. The factory is for convenience. When employees shop, they sometimes introduce some vending machines and services. The above-mentioned various vending machine business models have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your actual situation. No matter which model you choose, you must choose machines from powerful manufacturers and powerful operators, so that after-sales service is more secure.
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